'Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs' Production Team.

Just to remind you all that Tuesday 1st March 2011 is the closing date for those of you who would be interested in being part of the Production Team for 'Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs', our Pantomime for 2011/12.

Please email David Thompson, Stage Liaison Manager, with your interest. Thanks.

'Heroes' Concert Important Information.

Just to remind you of the following points for Sunday's Rehearsal and Show;
  • Remember; the Technical Rehearsal is NOT our Rehearsal, it's for the Technicians and it's the only opportunity they will get to ensure the right Lights, Sound, Backing Tracks, Curtains and Props are completed at the right time and place. Please can we all support them by doing what they need us to do without any problems. Thank You.
  • Remember; there will be no Green Room, so please ensure you bring your own snacks and drinks.
  • The Bar will be open from 1300 for us to purchase drinks and pay for the preordered Rolls.
  • If you wear glasses, you may wear them for the Rehearsal but not for the Performance.
  • You are required to be ready to start the Technical Rehearsal at 1100, in your first Costume.
  • If you were told you are one of the first to have a Mic and Pack, then you must get to the Theatre at 1030.
  • Please do NOT arrive before 1000 as there will be alot of setting up of the Stage and Lighting and it could be dangerous if Members are wondering around.
  • You may sit in the Auditorium during the Rehearsal but during the Performance you MUST stay in your allocated Dressing Room and keep the door closed. This is because they are fire doors and it helps keep the noise down!
  • Please ensure you enter and exit the Theatre by the exit on the Prompt/Pit side only. This is done as a Security measure to protect you and your belongings.
  • Please ensure you completed the Theatre Register each time you enter or exit the Theatre. This a fire regulation and will be used in case of an evacuation to ensure everyone is safe.
  • Please do NOT bring personal and expensive belongings to the Theatre as the Theatre and the Society accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items.
  • Please follow any directions you are given by the Stage Manager or the Crew as it is for your safety.
  • Anyone under 18 MUST stay with their allocated Chaperone during the Performance. The Female under 18's Chaperones are Sylvie Davies and Kerri McCarthy. Harry's Chaperone is David Thompson.
  • Only Members that are on the Theatre Register are allowed in the Theatre during the Rehearsal and Performance. No exceptions.
  • You are not allowed to use anything with a plug in your Dressing Rooms unless it has been PAT Tested first. If in doubt, ask. This forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Hiring the Theatre. Any item found will be confiscated.
  • Please ensure that when you are waiting in the wings to go onstage, please remain quiet and do NOT touch the black tabs. Think of them like brick walls that can not be moved. Also please ensure you are not in any light, if you are you can be seen.
  • Please ensure you wear Make Up as directed by Chris Bareham, Make Up and Hair Advisor. Everyone MUST wear some Make Up as the lights will drain any colour out you have in your skin. If in doubt, please ask Chris.
  • Front of House Helpers must go to the West Cliff's Duty Front of House Manager who will show you where to sign in and give you a badge, which you MUST wear at all times.
  • And most importantly..........


NHS Open Discussion Session Invitation.

We have been invited to attend an Open Discussion Session on the NHS on Wednesday 14th March 2011 at the Kingscliff Hotel, Holland on Sea. The meeting starts at 1800 and will finish at approximately 2000. This meeting is by invite only.

One or two of the Management Committee and/or the Custodian Trustees will be attending on the Society's behalf, but you are very welcome to join them. If you would like a place please contact Sam McCarthy, Chairman, by Tuesday 8th March at the latest.

Alternatively, you can email your thoughts to and your views will be brought up for you by the Management Committee or Custodian Trustee that attends.

Thank You in advance for your support.

'Heroes' Concert - Help Required!!

We need to paint the Rostra black for the upcoming Heroes Concert.

If you are free on Wednesday afternoon from 2pm at the CMTS HQ, please can you come and help.

If you could bring some paintbrushes with you, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Spring Get Together

FRIDAY 29th APRIL 2011
Proposed Sit Down Meal
If you haven't already done so, please ensure you have confirmed your interest in the above via Edna Mountstephen by Monday 28th February.

Edna must have a good idea of numbers to be able to book a suitable venue.

Further details will be published once the venue is confirmed.

If unsure of Edna's contact details please email

An Addition To The CMTS Family!

Congratulations to Ali and Doug Garner!

Their new baby boy, Riley, was born at 1505 today. He weighs 5lb 12 oz. He is in special care as he needs a little oxygen just for this evening. Mum, Ali, is ok too!

Congratulations from all your Friends at CMTS!

Some Sad News...

The Management Committee has received the sad news that one of our previous Presidents, John Plumtree, has sadly died.

Our sympathy and thoughts at this difficult time go out to Gillian and Family.

The Funeral is on Tuesday 8th March at the Colchester Crematorium at 1145.

Some sad news...

The Management Committee and the Members of the Society would like to pass on their condolences and sympathy to the Family of Derek Bailey, a long standing Member of the Society, who sadly died last week.

The Funeral will take place on Friday 11th February 2011 at the Weeley Crematorium at 1445.