Clacton Railway Club Royal Wedding Street Party

The Clacton Railway Club are having a Royal Wedding Street Party on Friday 29th April 2011. It is open to all and starts at 1100 and finishes at midnight! We have been asked to provide some entertainment during the afternoon; singing to some old London songs. As a thank you, the Railway Club will be making a substantial donation to the Society. We have a pianist already arranged and so we are looking for some Singers; this is where you come in. If you could spare 20 minutes to half an hour on the 29th April to sing with us it would be greatly appreciated. There is no minimum or maximum limit on numbers and by participating, you will get free entry to the Street Party. If required we may call a short Rehearsal, but you will know all the songs already! I hope you can support us in this event, please contact Sam McCarthy, Chairman, for more details. Sam can be contacted on 01255 427256 or 07788 414757 or