Long Service Awards & Badges - UPDATE.

At Monday 11th April's Management Committee, the criteria for our Long Service Awards was discussed again and the following was agreed;

  1. From 1st August 2011 onwards you must have continuous service in order to receive a Long Service Award. All past Service will be honoured until then. If you have a gap in your service, it will start again from when you rejoin.

  2. Members will be awarded the Long Service Awards at 5-yearly milestones, starting at 5 years.

  3. The Awards will be presented yearly at the AGM.

  4. The Society will pay for the Long Service Awards but the Management Committee reserve the right to withdraw this privilege at any time.

  5. The funds will be raised by the Fundraising Committee. All administration work for the Long Service Awards will be done by the Fundraising Committee.

  6. As the Society will not be awarding Service milestones in the past and Members wish to have the Award, they may purchase it for themselves. This will still need to be done through the Fundraising Committee.

  7. If a Member has been part of another NODA Society, the Service at this Society may count towards your Service at our Society. If you think this relates to you, please contact the Fundraising Committee Chairman, Kerri McCarthy, for more details.

  8. Your start year has been taken from your Profile on our website. If you do not agree with your start year or you do not have a Profile then please contact the Fundraising Committee Chairman.