'Singin' in the Rain' Theatre Etiquette

The following is for your information for when we go into the West Cliff Theatre. Please ensure you read this carefully and adhere to it at all times. Thank You.
  • Please ensure you only enter and exit the Theatre from the door which is on the Prompt/Pit side. This is to safeguard us and the things in our Dressing Rooms.
  • Please ensure you 'tick' yourself in and out on the Theatre Register. This is for your safety and if there is an evacuation, then we can ensure everyone in the Cast and Crew are accounted for. Everyone who is involved in the Production will be on the register, so no exceptions please. The register will be located on the notice board which is in the corridor back stage, from the door you must enter and exit from.
  • Only Members that are on the Register are allowed back stage. If anyone, Member or not, arrives at the Stage door wanting to come in, you must inform a Member of the Management Committee first to grant them permission to be back stage. Parents wanting to pick up their Children must wait at the Stage Door and are not allowed back stage or into any Dressing Rooms. The Chaperones will escort anyone under 18 to the Stage Door and only let them go with the person that has been previously agreed as picking them up. If anyone, Member or not, is seen back stage without prior permission, they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • When we first go into the Theatre, you will be given a health and safety briefing by the Stage Manager. Even if you have been at the West Cliff Theatre onstage many times before, you are required to listen as something may have changed. If you do not listen, you will not know and you could end up endangering yourself or others.
  • For the Dress Rehearsal and the Technical Rehearsal, Members only are allowed in the auditorium. Non-Members will be asked to leave.
  • Please follow any directions or instructions you maybe given by anyone on the Stage Crew, it is for your own safety. They are only asking you because they have a job to do and in a very small amount of time. So if they say move, you move!
  • Please ensure that when you are in the wings waiting to go on you are QUIET! Also please do not touch or move the Black Tab curtains, imagine they are brick walls. If you are in a wing and there is light on you, you probably can be seen by the audience. Please ensure you keep out of view and keep quiet. Thank You.
  • Please ensure that when you are not onstage, you remain in your Dressing Rooms. This is for a number of reasons. One is to keep the noise backstage to a minimum. Also, we have Children and Young Adults under the age of 18 that we have a duty of care for, so we must ensure their well being.
  • Please also ensure that your Dressing Room door remains closed and must never be propped open. They are fire doors and must be closed at all times. This will also help with keeping the noise down and protecting our Youngsters eyes and ears!
  • You are not allowed to eat, drink and definitely not smoke in your Costumes and Wigs. If you damage your Costume by doing any of these, our deposit could be lost and you could be liable for any charges incurred. You are responsible for your own Costumes and Wigs, not the Wardrobe Team. Please look after them. If your Costumes are not supplied with hangers, please bring some in and make sure that before you go Home, your Costumes are all hung up and left presentable ready for the next show. Thank You.
  • Please only use the Make Up that Chris Bareham, Make Up & Hair Advisor, has asked you to use as, again, if you damage any Costumes we could lose our deposit and you would be liable to pay any charges incurred.
  • For hygiene reasons, please ensure you keep to the same make up sponge, etc, during the week. Please also bring with you Make Up Removal wipes/lotion and/or a flannel and a towel as no-one is allowed out of the Theatre still in their stage make-up.
  • Anyone one under 18 must, at all times, stay with their allocated Chaperone from when they arrive at the Theatre to when they leave the Theatre. Anyone under 18 is also not allowed in any other Dressing Rooms while people are changing. I would respectfully ask the Adults to ensure they adhere to this please. If quick changes have to take place somewhere other then the persons Dressing Room, for example, in the wings or corridor, then the Chaperones must be informed so they can ensure that anyone under 18 is not in the vicinity. Thank You.
  • Please remember that you are not allowed to bring in anything into your Dressing Rooms that needs to be plugged in, unless it has been previously PAT Tested to the required standard. Any item found maybe confiscated. If this could be an issue because you need to use curling tongs, for example, then please speak to one of the Management Committee Members.
  • Please do not bring personal or valuable belongings into the Theatre as the Society nor the Theatre takes any responsibility for any item lost or stolen.
  • Please only do what you have been set to do. Please do not add or take anything away to what you have been told to do by the Director, Choreographer or Musical Director. Please do not mess or fool around onstage as this could be dangerous or distract the audience. We also want to put on a professional as possible show. Remember, you are only as good as your last show!
  • Everyone, and this means everyone, will be given a job or task to do for the 'Get-Out' on the Saturday night, after our last Show. It is acknowledged that everyone will be tired but if everyone helps, it can get done quickly and is fair to all, Cast and Crew. This is why we have the After-Show Party on the Friday night, so everyone is free to help on the Saturday night.
  • Front of House Team must report to the West Cliff's Duty Front of House Manager to sign in and get a badge, which must be worn at all times. No exceptions!