NETG 2010/11 Award Nominations Announced...

The North Essex Theatre Guild, NETG, has announced their nominations for the annual Showcase Festival Awards. It will be held in September at Clacton Town Hall.
Clacton Musical Theatre Society has been nominated a fantastic 9 times!
We have the following nominations:
  • 'Best Technical Achievement' for 'Cinderella'
  • 'Adjudicators' Award' for 'The Dancers and Choreography in 'Cinderella'.
  • 'Best Supporting Actor' for Keith Goldsbrough as 'Cosmo Brown' in 'Singin' in the Rain'.
  • 'Best Supporting Actress' for Laura Thompson as 'Dandini' in 'Cinderella'.
  • 'Best Dame' for Keith Goldsbrough as 'Grizelda' & Keith Peck as 'Mona' in 'Cinderella'.
  • 'Best Actor' for Ben Long as 'Buttons' in 'Cinderella' & 'Don Lockwood' in 'Singin' in the Rain'.
  • 'Best Actress' for Danielle Nundy as 'Prince Charming' in 'Cinderella'.
  • 'Eric Dyster Cup for Best Pantomime or Childrens Play' for David Thompson & 'Cinderella'.
  • 'The Terry Sadler Memorial Trophy for Front of House' for 'Cinderella'.

Congratulations to all the nominees!