Opportunity for our Members to Appear in a Film!

A opportunity has arisen for some of our Members to appear in a film.

It will be filmed by the Pacitti Company, who are calling the film 'On Languard Point'.

It will be filmed on Clacton pier on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th August 2011, all day. Times to be confirmed.

They are looking for the following which the Society can provide the Costume.
We have, or can put together:

1. Tarot Reader

2. Showgirl

3. Top Hat Magician

4. Clairvoyant

5. Clown (traditional & modern)

6. Tap Dancer

7. Juggler

8. Ballroom Dancers

9. Fez wearing Comedian

10.Animal Suited Person (we have 2 horses)

11.Balloon Modeller

12.Candy Floss Seller

13.Acrobats in leotards

14.A Gurner

15.Bingo Caller

16.Card Magician

If you would like to be involved, please contact Sam McCarthy, Chairman, as soon as possible. Thanks.