Renewal of Membership

Just to remind you that our new financial year started on 1st August 2011 and therefore your Membership is up for renewal.
The Management Committee has decided to keep the Membership Fees the same as last year.
The Membership Tiers are as follows:
  • Junior (7-11 years old) = £5
  • Student (12-18 years old. Can be up to any age but proof maybe required) = £10.
  • Full Single = £27.
  • Joint Membership (For two people from the same Family and living in the same house) = £40.
  • 'Friend' = £5.
  • 'Patron' = £20 (Current privileges include one free ticket to our Spring/Summer Production and one free ticket to our Pantomime.)
Please also remember that in order to have continuous Service, you must renew your Membership. This then counts towards your Long Service Award.
If you decide to not renew for this year, your Membership Service will start from when you rejoin.
Please contact Janet Ross, Membership Secretary, with your remittance. Thanks.