Provisional 'Pinocchio' Cast *Updated*

Well done to everyone who did an Audition today, the standard was very high. The Casting Committee were especially impressed with the younger Members of the Society. They learnt their lines, movement and songs well and presented themselves very professionally. So well done again.

The Casting Committee have spent over 3 hours talking and deciding who should get what part. The decisions were not easy. If anyone would like any feedback, then please contact Sam McCarthy, 'Pinocchio' Production Team & Casting Committee Chair.

The Casting is Provisional until Tuesday 4Th October 2011. The Casting Committee, in conjunction with the Management Committee, will confirm that they are happy with everyones performance.

The Cast is as follows:

  • Blue Fairy - Katie Leech
  • Geppetto - Graham Tippett
  • Mama Macaroni - Charlie Vaughan
  • Lampwick - Keith Goldsbrough
  • Fox - Tracey Williams
  • Cat - India Frank
  • Stromboli - Neil Murphie
  • Pinocchio - Harry McCarthy
  • Jiminy Cricket - Lucy Harris
  • Pirate Leader - Colin Davies


  • Jessica Hewett
  • Ashleigh Masters
  • Leanne Symes
  • Gabrielle Tyler

Ladies Movers Chorus:

  • Chris Bareham
  • Gillian Flynn
  • Gwen Porter
  • Rio

Ladies Non Movers Chorus:

  • Alison Denby
  • Jean Murphie

Mens Movers Chorus:

  • Peter Barnett
  • Terry Ratcliffe
  • Colin Davies
  • Richard Taylor

Mens Non Movers Chorus:

  • Russell Henry
  • Ray Sharpe


  • Maddy Corbett
  • Jack Flynn
  • Amy Gees
  • Tegan Nice

Congratulations to you all.