Stamp Films.

Stamp Films are looking for a group of Women to take part in a exciting national TV campaign.

This group will become the stars of a series of short films for a campaign depicting a group of real life friends preparing for a performance.

They do not all have to be talented singers or dancers, but have a love of life and a passion for fun.

We will help them put on a performance, singing and dancing guided by choreographers and singing coaches.

We will be capturing the group in their real life situations as they practice for a big song and dance performance which will be the finale of the films.

The group of Women we are looking for will have a good bond but all with strong individual characters.

They could be amateur performers or ex-professionals looking for a big TV opportunity.

Ideally aged between 30 and 50.

Big characters but not necessarily actresses and real genuine people!

If interested then please get in touch with Dan via email: with an explanation about your group and why you would want this opportunity.