Carol Singing & Pinocchio Publicity Event - Friday 2nd December

If you are free for 15 minutes on Friday the 2nd December, we are doing some carol singing at Holland Haven Primary School. The school is on Primrose Road, in Holland.
You need to be there for 4pm please, singing starts at 4.15 and we will finish by half past.
Please wear white shirt or blouse with black trousers or skirt, with a shawl for the ladies and an old jacket, gloves or hat for the gents. We are looking for a Victorian look please! There will be lanterns to hold.
If you are able to join us, please can you call Sam McCarthy. Thank You.
Also to those who are helping with the Pinocchio Publicity, please ensure you are at the school by 4pm at the latest. Thank You.
Any questions or queries, please contact Sam on 01255 427256 or 07788 414757.