'Rewind To The 80s' Concert Audition Information

This coming Sunday, the 15th January, is the Audition Day for our upcoming Concert. The auditions will be held at our HQ, directions are on our website.
The Concert will be staged at the West Cliff Theatre on Sunday 26th February 2012.
Soloists, Duets, Groups, etc, auditions will be starting at 11am and then the Chorus (Movers & Non Movers), Children (7-12 yrs old) and Dancers (Male & Female over 12 yrs old) will be at 2pm.
You only need to audition one song even if you are wanting to do more than one solo in the Concert. This is mainly down to the time constraints of getting through everyone that wants to audition. Please put on your Audition Form all the Solos you wish to be considered for.
Please also remember that everyone will be expected to be in all the Chorus numbers.
Please be advised that to audition you must be a paid up Member.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Production Team.