'Rewind To The 80s' Concert Rehearsal Schedule Changes.

This evening's Rehearsal will now be as follows;
  • 7.30 - Set named Chorus into 'Someone Like You'.
  • 7.45 - Set Dancers into 'Faith' & 'Eternal Flame'. Set Children into 'Happy Talk'.
  • 8.30 - Revise: 'Valerie'. '99 Red Balloons'. 'Agadoo/Superman'. 'Walking On Sunshine'. 'Let's Get Physical'. 'It's Raining Men'. 'Beastie Boys'. 'Purple Rain'. 'Sweet Dreams'. 'We Are The World'.
  • Then if time go through; 'Sacrifice' Gillian Flynn. 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' Lucy Harris. 'It Must Be Love' Ashleigh Masters. 'Every Breath You Take' Steve Church. 'Sweet Child O' Mine' India Frank. 'Africa' Lucy Mellow & Lucy Harris. 'Minnie The Moocher' Steve Church. 'Take My Breath Away' Kay Friedheim. 'Power Of Love' Lucy Mellow. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' Ray Sharp. 'You Must Love Me' Kerry-Alice Hartnett. 'On My Own' Gabrielle Tyler. 'Starlight Express' Bill Davies. 'Who Wants To Live Forever' Gillian Flynn & Ashleigh Masters.