'Bugsy Malone' 2012: Rehearsals from now until the Show

'Bugsy Malone' Rehearsals will be 1800 to 1930 Everyone to revise everything set, then 1930 to 2100 as below:

Fri 09.03.11. Act 1 Books Down. Dialogue: Act 2 p. 40 – 44. Set ‘So You Wanna Be A Boxer?’ Required: Bugsy, Leroy, Baddie, CJoe, Chorus of Boxers, etc. FSam, Tallulah. Pickett.

Fri 16.03.12. Dialogue: p.44 – 48 Required: FSam, Tallulah, Bugsy, Blousey, Fizzy, Joe,
Plus Act 2 Revision. All required.

Fri 23.03.12. Dialogue: p.48 – 52. Required: Blousey, Tallulah, Bugsy, Leroy, FSam, Senior Dancers,
Set ‘Ordinary Fool’ & ‘Down And Out’. Blousey & Chorus.

Sun 25.03.12. Morning: Dialogue: p.52 to end. Required: Bugsy, Leroy, BFace, Smolesky, ODreary, DDan, Yonkers, Blousey, FSam.
Set ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Reprise’ & ‘You Give A Little Love’.

Fri 30.03.12. Run Show Everyone required from 1800 to 2100 from now on!

Fri 06.04.12. Run Show. Act 2 Books Down.

Fri 13.04.12. Run Show

Fri 20.04.12. Run Show

Sun 22.04.12. Run Show.

Wed 25.04.12. Tech Rehearsal.
Thu 26.04.12 Dress Rehearsal
Fri 27.04.12 Performance
Sat 28.04.12 Two performances.