'The Full Monty' Auditions.

'The Full Monty' Auditions are this coming Sunday, the 11th March.
The following Characters will be auditioned in the morning at 11am;
  • Jerry
  • Pam
  • Dave
  • Georgie
  • Harold
  • Vicki
  • Horse
  • Ethan
  • Malcolm
  • Jeanette
  • Keno

And the following Characters will be auditioned at 2pm;

  • Marty
  • Gary
  • Reg
  • Susan
  • Estelle
  • Joanie
  • Teddy
  • Tony
  • Nathan
  • Molly
  • Ensemble
They will be open Auditions, which means if you are a Member you are able to attend and watch them.
The Management Committee have agreed that any Member under the age of 16 will not be allowed to watch the Auditions in the morning.
If you have any questions, please contact Sam McCarthy, Chair of Production & Casting Committee.