'The Full Monty' Provisional Cast *UPDATED 30th MARCH 2012*

The Management Committee would like to thank everyone who has auditioned and for the rest of the Member's support in getting ALL the roles cast.

The Provisional Cast, which is for 30 days after the Audition date, is as follows:

Jerry Lukowski - Peter Spilling

Nathan Lukowski - Daniel Williamson

Pam Lukowski - Emily Aldis

Teddy Slaughter - Alex Bass

Dave Bukatinsky - Simon Brett

Georgie Bukatinsky - Katie Leech

Harold Nichols - Neil Murphie

Vicki Nichols - Sharon Giles

Malcolm Macgregor - Alex Lockert

Molly Macgregor - Jean Murphie

Ethan Girard - Charlie Vaughan

Noah 'Horse' T. Simmons - Marley Njie

Jeanette Burmeister - Tracey Williams

Buddy 'Keno' Walsh - Rob Guymer

Reg Willoughby - Steve Church

Tony Giordano - Ray Sharp

Estelle Genovese - Kerry Gains

Susan Hershey - Jessica Hewett

Joanie Lish - Ashlea Moore

Marty - Alex Bass

Minister - Sam McCarthy

Gary Bonasorte - Michael Maclean

Police Sergeant - Keith Woodward

Repo Man 1 - Richard Taylor

Repo Man 2 - Pete Cox

Dolores - Daniella Tyler

Dance Instructor - Daniella Tyler

Woman 1 - Gabrielle Tyler

Woman 2 / Betty - India Frank

Woman in Cafe - Orana O'Leary

Men in Dance Hall - Michael Maclean, Lewis Richards & Richard Taylor

Women in Dance Hall - India Frank, Orana O'Leary & Gabrielle Tyler

Mourners - India Frank, Lewis Richards, Richard Taylor & Gabrielle Tyler

Power Walkers - Orana O'Leary & Lewis Richards

Extra Woman in 'Woman's World' & 'The Goods' - Daniella Tyler