'The Full Monty' Provisional Cast. *UPDATED 20.03.12*

The Casting committee would like to congratulate everyone who auditioned today.

The Provisional Cast is as follows:

Jerry Lukowski - Peter Spilling

Nathan Lukowski - Daniel Williamson

Pam Lukowski - Emily Aldis

Teddy Slaughter - NOT CAST

Dave Bukatinsky - Simon Brett

Georgie Bukatinsky - Katie Leech

Harold Nichols - Neil Murphie

Vicki Nichols - Sharon Giles

Malcolm Macgregor - Alex Lockert

Molly Macgregor - Jean Murphie

Ethan Girard - Charlie Vaughan

Noah 'Horse' T. Simmons - NOT CAST

Jeanette Burmeister - Tracey Williams

Buddy 'Keno' Walsh - NOT CAST

Reg Willoughby - Steve Church

Tony Giordano - NOT CAST

Estelle Genovese - Kerry Gains

Susan Hershey - Jessica Hewett

Joanie Lish - Ashlea Moore

Marty - NOT CAST

Minister - Sam McCarthy

Gary Bonasorte - NOT CAST

Police Sergeant - NOT CAST

Repo Man 1 - Richard Taylor

Repo Man 2 - Pete Cox

Dolores - Daniella Tyler

Dance Instructor - Daniella Tyler

Woman 1 - Gabrielle Tyler

Woman 2 / Betty - India Frank

Woman in Audience - Kay Friedheim

Woman in Cafe - Orana O'Leary

Man in Scrap - Steve Church

Man in Dance Hall - Richard Taylor

Women in Dance Hall - India Frank & Gabrielle Tyler

Mouners - India Frank, Kay Friedheim, Richard Taylor & Gabrielle Tyler

Power Walkers - Kay Friedheim & Orana O'Leary

Woman in 'Woman's World' & 'The Goods' - Daniella Tyler

2nd Male Stripper - NOT CAST