Clacton Railway Club Jubilee Day Celebration

We have been asked to provide some entertainment at the Clacton Railway Club's Jubilee Celebrations on Tuesday 5th June. We need to do four 20 minute slots, made up of solos, duets, etc. We will be performing at 1pm, for 20 mins, have 20 mins break and then do another 20 mins. Then the same for 4pm. You can sing whatever you like and how ever many you like, but we need to bear in mind that it is for Families and it would be good to have a mix of current songs with musical theatre numbers. You can use a backing track or have Hector Moyes play for you. But you would need to contact him first to ask!! As before, the Clacton Railway Club will be making a substantial donation to use for providing this entertainment. Last time we got over £200, so it is all worth it! If you are able to support us with this ideal opportunity to publicise the Society, please contact Sam McCarthy on 07585440815 or Thanks.