The Full Monty - Theatre Etiquette.

The following is for your information when we are in the West Cliff Theatre, please read and adhere to; Please enter and exit from the door on the Prompt side only. Please ensure you tick the Theatre Register when you arrive or leave the Theatre. Please follow any directions the Back Stage Manager or Crew give you, it's for your own safety. Please ensure that when you are not onstage, you remain in your Dressing Room with the door closed. This will minimise the noise and also ensure that we are abiding to our Child Protection policy as there are Members under 16 years old in this Production. Please do not smoke, eat or drink in your hired Costumes. We will lose our deposit if any Costume goes back damaged. You are responsible for your own Costumes, please look after them. Make sure they get put back on hangers before you go Home. Please only use the Make Up, Chris Bareham, Make Up & Hair Advisor, asks you to use. There is a box in every Dresssing Room and if you need any help Chris will be in Dressing Room 5 (Green Room). Anyone under 16 years of age must stay with their allocated Chaperone at all times. And for this Production, must ensure they are in their Dressing Room for the nudity scenes. Any Member under 16 is also not allowed in anyone elses Dressing Room. Only Members who are on the Theatre Register may be back stage. This is for security and safety reasons. If anyone is seen back stage that should not be, please inform someone on the Management Committee and they will be asked to leave and escorted to the exit. Please do not bring personal belongings or valuables into the Theatre. The Society or the Theatre takes no responsibility for any damage or lose to any personal belongings or valuables. You are not allowed to use anything with a plug in the Dressing Rooms or Theatre unless it has been PAT tested first. This is due to the terms of our hire with the West Cliff. Any item found will be confiscated. Please ensure that all doors back stage are kept shut as they are fire doors. Never prop open a fire door. Please ensure that when you are waiting in the wings to go onstage, you remain quiet and out of any light. If you are in light, then you can be seen by the audience. Also please do not touch or move the Black Tabs. Imagine they are a brick wall. Please only do what you have been set to do. Do not mess around onstage and put your fellow Cast Members off. We must keep our professionalism at all times. Please ensure you take good care of the mics and equipment. It is all very expensive and we do not want to lose any profit we may make on a Show replacing equipment due to carelessness. Of course accidents happen but just make sure you try and minimise this. Everyone will be given a job for the 'Get Out' which is on Saturday 30th June. Hector Moyes will be allocating out the jobs. This is done so the Back stage Crew can enjoy the Aftershow Party, which is normally on the Friday evening. This year it is on Sunday 1st July, but this does not mean Members do not need to help and support the Get Out. Once you have done your allocated job on the Saturday night please ensure you see Hector, or one of the Production Team, before you leave. If everyone helps, we can all get Home quicker. Front of House Helpers must report to the West Cliff Duty Manager who will sign you in and give you a Visitors Badge, which you must wear at all times. When you have finished, please make sure you get signed out. BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN! If you have any questions, then please contact anyone on the Management Committee or anyone on the Production Team.

Colchester Operatic Society Second Edition CO2

Colchester Operatic Society Second Edition CO2 are putting on a production of Guys and Dolls at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester between the 20th and 30th of September this year The cast is aged between 13 and 23 years. The lad who we have cast as Nicely Nicely Johnson has just secured a place at Central School of Drama and they have told him that he is not allowed to perform in our show because he would have to leave classes early, He is obviously most disappointed. We are therefore looking for a replacement and I am wondering whether there is somebody within your group who might be interested in auditioning for us, Probably in early July. We rehearse on Tuesday and some Thursday evenings although we realise that we might have to be flexible at this relatively late stage Our rehearsal schedule currently runs up until 19th July and then we break until the beginning of September when we have 6 rehearsals in the two weeks leading up to the show. If any of your members might be interested in knowing more please contact me on the above e mail address or by telephone on 01206 530257. If I am not available please leave a message and I will get back to you Thank you for your time Who knows, this might be a great opportunity for some young man.

Auditions – Christine, The Musical

Christine the Musical, set in the swinging sixties, is a relatively light hearted look at what was, at the time, the biggest scandal ever to be exposed by the British Press. It’s inspired by the true story of Christine Keeler, who left home at 17, became a household name in four eventful years and on the way, exposed corruption at the heart of the British Establishment causing the resignation of a cabinet minister and blamed for the fall of the then Tory Government of Harold MacMillan. There are fifteen original songs which recapture the diversity of popular musical styles of that time. Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 8th. 2012, at 4.00 pm at the Headgate Theatre, 14, Chapel Street North, Colchester, CO2 7AT. The Roles… Christine Keeler 17-21. Young girl looking for a good time in London; works at Murray’s Nightclub and became infamous – rather gullible and easily manipulated. 5 songs. Voice – Soprano Mandy Rice-Davies 17 – 21 Friend of Christine who worked at Murray’s Nightclub. Streetwise. 3 songs. Voice – Soprano Stephen Ward 35+. Osteopath. Svengali figure to Christine. Moved among the rich and famous. Slick and personable. 1 song. Voice – Baritone John Profumo 40+ . Conservative Cabinet Minister. Well-connected politician appointed Secretary of State for War. Resigned for lying about his relationship with Christine. 1 song Voice – High Operatic Baritone Pops Murray: 40+ Scottish owner of Murrays Nightclub where Christine and Mandy work. Voice -Baritone Lucky Gordon 30+. West Indian. One of Christine’s lovers. 1 song – Reggae style. Eugene Ivanov: 35+ Naval attaché at the Russian embassy and close friend of Ward’s. Voice -Bass Baritone Speaking Parts: (Some chorus singing) Lord Astor: 40+ Former patient of Stephen Ward, who allows him to use a cottage on his Cliveden Estate. The Hack: 30+ Newspaper Journalist who recounts Christine’s story to the audience. Ahmed: 30+ Rich Arabian male friend of Ward’s; regular at Murray’s Nightclub. Barrister: 50+ Appears at the trial of Stephen Ward. Lewis Morley: 25+ Australian photographer who took the iconic image of Christine sitting astride the chair. Other parts (for possible doubling) Film Producer, Newspaper Vendor. We also need three young females for supporting singing and dancing roles and two middle aged men for supporting singing and acting roles. For further details contact the Director, Lindsay Lloyd on 01621 891326 or 07791 695608 email: Rehearsals on Sundays, July 22 and 29, September 16, 23 and 30 and October 7 and 14. Techs on Monday 15th October and the Dress Rehearsal, Tuesday 16th October. Performances 17th to 20th October.

The Lynch Mob Club

The Lynch Mob Club We are a local Club for disabled and able-bodied people between the ages of 19 and 90 enabling them to meet together on equal terms. We give a warm welcome to new members and offer a wide variety of entertainment on club nights and in addition, arrange trips out. Some of our activities are geared towards themed occasions such as the Olympic Games. We have a summer BBQ and Christmas Dinner and celebrate Easter and Halloween in a topical way. Anyone wanting further information should contact Carol on 01206 393845 or mobile 07940453377, or E-mail

Ladies Circle Garden Party – Saturday 23 June, from 2pm

Ladies Circle Garden Party – Saturday 23 June, from 2pm The Ladies Circle are holding an afternoon of tea and cake in the ‘Savage Garden’, Oak Lodge, Rectory Road, Weeley on Saturday 23 June from 2pm. Admission is £5 and is in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. Why not go along, enjoy cake and raise some money for charity? Ladies only please!

Adult Community Learning Open Days and Enrolment Sessions.

Adult Community Learning Open Days and Enrolment Sessions. Adult Community Learning will be holding 3 open days this summer for people to drop into the centres and look first hand at the range of learning opportunities on offer. Clacton on Wednesday 18th July 2pm-8pm, Colchester on Wednesday 1st August 2pm-6pm and Harwich on Wednesday 15th August 11am-3pm. Last year these events attracted over 500 people through the doors, they give people an opportunity to look around the centres, meet the tutors and get Information, Advice and Guidance prior to enrolling. For more information call 01255 424151.

Mad Murder Mystery Night - Saturday 7 July 7pm

Mad Murder Mystery Night - Saturday 7 July 7pm At The Mad About Theatre Studio 17 Conway Units. Come and Watch the plot thicken. Set in India in 1947 in a time of political and social upheaval a chain of events changes the social standing of a seemingly respectable family. Watch the drama unfold and play Detective. Booking Line: 07709 315510 Tickets: Adults £3.00 Children: Free

Clacton Carnival 2012 - Support Required Please!

Please see above the information that has been sent through to us from the Carnival for this year.

As we have done for the last two years, we will be asking our Members to help support the Carnival in a number of different roles. Please remember that the more people that help, the bigger the donation to the Society.

We will be requiring Members to help run stalls at events, marshaling during the Procession, manning gates at events, support the marshaling of car parks and help clearing up after the events.

I will be attending the next Carnival meeting on Tuesday 17th July and I would appreciate it if you could come back to me via email if you are able to commit to helping on any of the events or jobs as per above.

Thank you in advance for your help and support with this.

Please do not forget that the Society will be entering into the Procession as well this year to promote our next Show which is the Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. Please keep an eye on this blog for details of the first meeting, which will be at our hq.

CADS Present Candleford - Help Required!

CADS are putting on 'Candleford' based on Flora Thompson's trilogy 'Lark Rise To Candleford' from 21st to 24th November this year and they need a large cast. The play includes ensemble folk singing with live musicians. There will also be Solo opportunities.

If you are interested then the read through is on Wednesday 20th June at Unit 13 Brunel Units, Brunel Road, Gorse Lane Industrial Estate.

And the Auditions are on Sunday 24th June at 2pm at Holland Public Hall, Frinton Road, Holland on sea.

Rehearsals will start on Monday 3rd September and will be every Monday and Wednesday evenings, with 2 or 3 Sunday afternoons.

For more information please contact Vicky Tearle, the Director, on or 01206824345.

CMTS Social Committee - The Full Monty: After Show Party!

Slight change to the After Show Party this year. We have decided to have a disco and a bbq (weather depending) or a buffet at the unit where guests can bring there own alcohol and have a good dance and get together with the cast and crew!. There is no charge! But all guests will... be expected to contribute to the food, e.g. 12 hot dogs and buns for bbq or 20 cocktail sausages. (see list on Social Board in the Green Room).

Bring your family along to have a good ol' boogie and play some great CMTS games.

For any more information speak to any member of Social Committee

Clacton Gazette Newspaper Cutting 07.06.12

Clacton Gazette Newspaper Cutting 07.06.12: The Full Monty.

Reminder Little Clacton Carnival.

Don't forget we are giving out leaflets for The Full Monty and the Youth Performers.

We are meeting at Plough Corner at 1pm.

Everyone to wear red, white and blue please.