Auditions – Christine, The Musical

Christine the Musical, set in the swinging sixties, is a relatively light hearted look at what was, at the time, the biggest scandal ever to be exposed by the British Press. It’s inspired by the true story of Christine Keeler, who left home at 17, became a household name in four eventful years and on the way, exposed corruption at the heart of the British Establishment causing the resignation of a cabinet minister and blamed for the fall of the then Tory Government of Harold MacMillan. There are fifteen original songs which recapture the diversity of popular musical styles of that time. Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 8th. 2012, at 4.00 pm at the Headgate Theatre, 14, Chapel Street North, Colchester, CO2 7AT. The Roles… Christine Keeler 17-21. Young girl looking for a good time in London; works at Murray’s Nightclub and became infamous – rather gullible and easily manipulated. 5 songs. Voice – Soprano Mandy Rice-Davies 17 – 21 Friend of Christine who worked at Murray’s Nightclub. Streetwise. 3 songs. Voice – Soprano Stephen Ward 35+. Osteopath. Svengali figure to Christine. Moved among the rich and famous. Slick and personable. 1 song. Voice – Baritone John Profumo 40+ . Conservative Cabinet Minister. Well-connected politician appointed Secretary of State for War. Resigned for lying about his relationship with Christine. 1 song Voice – High Operatic Baritone Pops Murray: 40+ Scottish owner of Murrays Nightclub where Christine and Mandy work. Voice -Baritone Lucky Gordon 30+. West Indian. One of Christine’s lovers. 1 song – Reggae style. Eugene Ivanov: 35+ Naval attaché at the Russian embassy and close friend of Ward’s. Voice -Bass Baritone Speaking Parts: (Some chorus singing) Lord Astor: 40+ Former patient of Stephen Ward, who allows him to use a cottage on his Cliveden Estate. The Hack: 30+ Newspaper Journalist who recounts Christine’s story to the audience. Ahmed: 30+ Rich Arabian male friend of Ward’s; regular at Murray’s Nightclub. Barrister: 50+ Appears at the trial of Stephen Ward. Lewis Morley: 25+ Australian photographer who took the iconic image of Christine sitting astride the chair. Other parts (for possible doubling) Film Producer, Newspaper Vendor. We also need three young females for supporting singing and dancing roles and two middle aged men for supporting singing and acting roles. For further details contact the Director, Lindsay Lloyd on 01621 891326 or 07791 695608 email: Rehearsals on Sundays, July 22 and 29, September 16, 23 and 30 and October 7 and 14. Techs on Monday 15th October and the Dress Rehearsal, Tuesday 16th October. Performances 17th to 20th October.