The Full Monty - Theatre Etiquette.

The following is for your information when we are in the West Cliff Theatre, please read and adhere to; Please enter and exit from the door on the Prompt side only. Please ensure you tick the Theatre Register when you arrive or leave the Theatre. Please follow any directions the Back Stage Manager or Crew give you, it's for your own safety. Please ensure that when you are not onstage, you remain in your Dressing Room with the door closed. This will minimise the noise and also ensure that we are abiding to our Child Protection policy as there are Members under 16 years old in this Production. Please do not smoke, eat or drink in your hired Costumes. We will lose our deposit if any Costume goes back damaged. You are responsible for your own Costumes, please look after them. Make sure they get put back on hangers before you go Home. Please only use the Make Up, Chris Bareham, Make Up & Hair Advisor, asks you to use. There is a box in every Dresssing Room and if you need any help Chris will be in Dressing Room 5 (Green Room). Anyone under 16 years of age must stay with their allocated Chaperone at all times. And for this Production, must ensure they are in their Dressing Room for the nudity scenes. Any Member under 16 is also not allowed in anyone elses Dressing Room. Only Members who are on the Theatre Register may be back stage. This is for security and safety reasons. If anyone is seen back stage that should not be, please inform someone on the Management Committee and they will be asked to leave and escorted to the exit. Please do not bring personal belongings or valuables into the Theatre. The Society or the Theatre takes no responsibility for any damage or lose to any personal belongings or valuables. You are not allowed to use anything with a plug in the Dressing Rooms or Theatre unless it has been PAT tested first. This is due to the terms of our hire with the West Cliff. Any item found will be confiscated. Please ensure that all doors back stage are kept shut as they are fire doors. Never prop open a fire door. Please ensure that when you are waiting in the wings to go onstage, you remain quiet and out of any light. If you are in light, then you can be seen by the audience. Also please do not touch or move the Black Tabs. Imagine they are a brick wall. Please only do what you have been set to do. Do not mess around onstage and put your fellow Cast Members off. We must keep our professionalism at all times. Please ensure you take good care of the mics and equipment. It is all very expensive and we do not want to lose any profit we may make on a Show replacing equipment due to carelessness. Of course accidents happen but just make sure you try and minimise this. Everyone will be given a job for the 'Get Out' which is on Saturday 30th June. Hector Moyes will be allocating out the jobs. This is done so the Back stage Crew can enjoy the Aftershow Party, which is normally on the Friday evening. This year it is on Sunday 1st July, but this does not mean Members do not need to help and support the Get Out. Once you have done your allocated job on the Saturday night please ensure you see Hector, or one of the Production Team, before you leave. If everyone helps, we can all get Home quicker. Front of House Helpers must report to the West Cliff Duty Manager who will sign you in and give you a Visitors Badge, which you must wear at all times. When you have finished, please make sure you get signed out. BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN! If you have any questions, then please contact anyone on the Management Committee or anyone on the Production Team.