Information about 'We Love The West Cliff' Concert.

The 'We love The West Cliff' Concert, which is this coming Sunday the 22nd, will be having a Rehearsal in the morning at the Theatre starting at 10am. Please make sure you are there in time as it will be our only chance for a Rehearsal onstage before the performance.

We will not have any of the Dressing Rooms back stage, therefore we will all be in the hall next door. Adults will be in one room and the under 16's (with their Chaperones!) in the main hall with the West Cliff Youth Group.

The Running Order will be as follows;
  1. CMTS Youth Performers - 'Kids In America'
  2. CMTS - 'The Full Monty' - 'Breeze Off The River'. 'Women's World'. 'Walk With Me'.
  3. CMTS Youth Performers - 'Bugsy Malone' - 'Fat Sam's Grand Slam'. 'Give A Little Love'.
  4. CMTS - 'The Sound Of Music' - 'Nun's Chorus'. 'Doh Ray Me'.
  5. CMTS Youth Performers - 'Shrek' - 'Freak Flag'.
  6. CMTS & CMTS Youth Performers - 'Miracles'.
  • 'Kids In America' - Bright Coloured Tops & Jeans. Any colour Shoes.
  • 'The Full Monty' - As per Show.
  • 'Bugsy Malone' - White Formal Shirt/Blouse, a Tie and Black Trousers/Skirts & Black Shoes.
  • 'The Sound Of Music' - White Tops, Black Trousers/Skirts & Black Shoes.
  • 'Shrek' - Black Tops, Trousers & Shoes.
  • 'Miracles' - Bright Coloured Plain Tops, Black Trousers/Skirts & Shoes.