Information from CVS Tendring - New Proposals for Council Tax Support Consultation Event

New Proposals for Council Tax Support Consultation Event - Thursday 6 September, 11.00am

Do your organisation’s clients presently claim welfare benefits and/or council tax?

If so, they will be affected by the Welfare Reform Act. The government plans to end Council Tax benefit on 31 March 2013 and funding for Council Tax benefit in the Tendring District will fall by £1.5 million which will affect people on low incomes (Pensioners are protected)
With less money available, how can we ensure that support is maintained to those people who most need it?
Come along to a consultation and briefing about what Tendring District Council proposes to put in place and have the chance to feed into these proposals and exchange ideas with colleagues. The event will also stimulate discussion about what could be put in place ahead of the implementation date.
If you would like to book a place at this event and receive the agenda, contact

Quiz Night in aid of Cancer Research...

Item for Sale...

The Bed Base that was used for 'The Full Monty' is free to a Member as we do not have the storage space to keep it.

We would appreciate a donation to the Society as it cost us to buy it from T.R.E.E.

If you would like it please contact Sam McCarthy. Thank You.


Choir Mania Returns...

Clacton Carnival 2012 - Update!

We still need people to be in the Carnival Procession this coming Saturday, the 18th August.

We have a large lorry to fill so we would really appreciate your support.

You can be dressed in anything 'Panto' as our Float will be for 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

The Youth Performers are being Animals and there are plenty of Costumes still available for more Members to wear.

If you would like a Costume, please come along to the CMTS HQ on Thursday 16th between 7.30pm and 10pm or before Youth on Friday 17th from 5pm or after Youth until 10pm.

Parents will not have to accompany the Youth Performers as there will be enough Chaperones and Adult Members to look after the kids.

We also need a minimum of 3 Adults to do the marshaling on Saturday as the Carnival Association has asked us to do two roads this year.
If you need any more information or have any questions, then please contact Sam McCarthy or any Member of the Youth Performers Committee. Thanks.

Chelmsford Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society (CAODS) Presents...

'Jack and the Beanstalk' Update.

The date of the Auditions for 'JatB' will be on Sunday 16th September 2012, at our HQ. Times to be confirmed.

The Full Monty - Audience Feedback.

The following is feedback that has been emailed to the Society from our Audience and Guests:

'An absolute joy, brilliant, wonderful cast, professional in every way. Congratulations to everybody involved in The Full Monty. A wonderful evening's entertainment that put a smile on my face from beginning to end'
Ron Bone, CADS.

'Just wanted to congratulate you and the cast for a wonderfully entertaining evening. It was so much fun - I imagine rehearsals were hilarious!'
Sarah Young, KATS.

'A very enjoyable and professional show'
Celia Merryweather, 1st Holland-on-Sea Scout Group.

'Saw the show Saturday Matinee...enjoyed it enormously and found it not in the least offensive. We brought friends who are both church-goers and they commented on the professionalism. Fantastically funny and entertaining. We loved it! Congrats to all involved.' 
Bill Davies.

'We thought it was an innovate and brave choice and was an excellent production, we thoroughly enjoyed it.We wish the Musical Society well with their future ventures'.

'We did enjoy it - plenty of laughs and some very enojyable singng'
Eric Smart.

'We thoroughly enjoyed the performance on Saturday night'.
Colin Thorne, Colchester Operatic Society.

'Came to see The Full Monty on Saturday - I had not seen a production by CMTS before and I was utterly amazed at the standard of the production - I felt I was watching a west end show!'
Richard, Audience Member.

'We should like to congratulate you all on such a successful show. Long Live the CMTS!'
Joan Beatton, Friends of the West Cliff.

'I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was good to see a near full house, and such a good atmosphere too'.
Roger Kennell, Clacton VCH Group.
'What can I say about the performance - words fail me which is unusual! Fantastic, talented, enthusiastic and thoroughly entertaining. I am a Clactonian and am so proud of the Westcliff theatre and the pleasure it has given so many people over so many years. Long may it continue to entertain and welcome Tendring residents and visitors'.
Valerie Reiser, Alzheimers Society.
'Both Kay and myself thoroughly enjoyed the show, in total honesty it was the slickest and most professional local musical that I have seen. Really well cast, excellent acting, singing and dancing all round and smoothly directed. Top job!'
Darryl Crawley, Seaview Player


Congratulations to those Members who have been nominated for an Award. We have 8 nominations, which is fantastic!The Award Ceremony is on Saturday 14th September 2012, if you would like to attend please contact Julia Hewett, Secretary, via email: Thank You.

Bocking Theatre Club: Robinson Crusoe
Brantham Amateur Theatrical Society (B.A.T.S.): Oliver!
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: Pinocchio
Little Waltham Drama Group: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Orpen Players: Mother Goose
Platform Musicals: Salad Days
Village Players (Nayland): Dick Turpin
Wickham Bishops Drama Club: Cinderella

Bocking Theatre Club: Robinson Crusoe
B.A.T.S: Oliver!
Bures Stage Society: Aladdin
Kelvedon Players: Old Mother Hubbard
Kyds Youth Drama Society (K.Y.D.S.): Treasure Island and Peter Pan
Latchingdon Arts and Drama Society (L.A.D.S.): Little Shop of Horrors
Orpen Players: Mother Goose
Village Players (Nayland): Dick Turpin

Bocking Theatre Club: lighting/sound in Robinson Crusoe
B.A.T.S: lighting/sound/effects in Oliver!
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: opening sequence lighting/sound in Pinocchio
K.A.T.S: Sound design in Goldilocks and the Three Bears
L.A.D.S: creation/operation of the Audrey 2’s in Little Shop of Horrors
Platform Musicals: lighting/sound in Salad Days
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: lighting/sound in Godspell

B.A.T.S: the participation of the children (with special commendation to Bobby Smith) in Oliver! Colne Engaine Drama Group: the “Essex” boys and girls for ensemble playing/dancing in Beauty and the Beast
K.A.T.S: Hannalore Canessa-Weight, Insaf Abbas and Christina Bull as the Three Bears in Goldilocks and the Three Bears
L.A.D.S: the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” excerpt in Show Hits 2011
Little Waltham Drama Group: the four thieves (with special commendation to Brian Corrie) in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Platform Musicals: the ensemble playing of the cast in Salad Days

Bentley Green Players: Harvey Dorling as Oliver Twist in Oliver!
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: Harry McCarthy as Pinocchio in Pinocchio
Colne Engaine Drama Group: Charlie Felstead as Guiseppe in Beauty and the Beast
Mad About Theatre Company: Tom Lawrence as Alexander London in Gt. Britain-the Panto and Olympimad
Village Players (Nayland): Samuel Pentney as P.C. Nick in Dick Turpin
Westcliff Theatre Youth Group: Joe McCarthy as Perchik in Fiddler on the Roof
Witham Operatic Workshop: Jake Davis as Ren in Footloose
Witham Operatic Workshop: Josh Read as Willard in Footloose

Clacton Musical Theatre Society: India Frank as the Cat in Pinocchio
Kelvedon Players: Millie Etherington as Randy in Old Mother Hubbard
K.A.T.S: Shannon Hannah as Fairy Sweetheart in Goldilocks and the Three Bears
K.Y.D.S: Jodie Cole as Tinkerbell in Peter Pan
K.Y.D.S: Rachel Shortland as Squire Trelawny in Treasure Island
Witham Operatic Workshop: Matilda Bourne as Ariel in Footloose
Witham Operatic Workshop: Zoe Rogers as Rusty in Footloose
Witham Operatic Workshop: Bailey Whitnell as Vi Moore in Footloose

B.A.T.S: Steve Parkinson as Mr. Bumble in Oliver!
B.A.T.S: Rob Warne as Bill Sikes in Oliver!
Bures Stage Society: Chris McGrath as Abanazer in Aladdin
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: Neil Murphie as Stromboli in Pinocchio
Kelvedon Players: Tony Winn as Tumbleweed in Old Mother Hubbard
L.A.D.S: Dan Bavin as Orin in Little Shop of Horrors
Village Players (Nayland): John Campbell as Billy Bumpkin in Dick Turpin
Westcliff Theatre Youth Group: Sam Swift as Motel in Fiddler on the Roof

Bentley Green Players: Sam Dorling as Mrs. Sowerberry in Oliver!
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: Tracey Williams as the Fox in Pinocchio and Jeanette Burmeister in The Full Monty
Coggeshall Amateur Theatrical Society: Steph Prentice as Vanity in Mother Goose
Kelvedon Players: Pat Felton as Jake in Old Mother Hubbard
Orpen Players: Debra Hornigold as Discord in Mother Goose
Orpen Players: Holly Snowling as Priscilla in Mother Goose
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: Kath Adkins for various roles in Godspell
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: Rachel Clapp for various roles in Godspell

Bocking Theatre Club: John Ellson as Mrs. Chrissie Crusoe in Robinson Crusoe
Bures Stage Society: Stephen Ferrari as Widow Twankey in Aladdin
Kelvedon Players: Paul Williams as Mother Hubbard in Old Mother Hubbard
K.A.T.S: Joseph Brazier as Dame Wanda in Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Little Waltham Drama Group: Mike Lee as Rum Baba in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Orpen Players: Scott Sophos as Mother Goose in Mother Goose
Village Players (Nayland): Jim Bond as Dame Dollop in Dick Turpin

Bocking Theatre Club: Kevin Topple as Blackpatch in Robinson Crusoe
B.A.T.S: John Hoskyns as Fagin in Oliver!
Clacton Musical Theatre Society: Simon Brett as Dave Bukatinsky in The Full Monty
K.A.T.S: Ben Powell as Silly Billy in Goldilocks and the Three Bears
L.A.D.S: Sam Toland as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors
Platform Musicals: Gareth Gwyn Jones as Timothy in Salad Days
Westcliff Youth Theatre Group: Ashley Glander as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof
Village Players (Nayland): John McCarroll as Parson Goodfellow/Mr. X in Dick Turpin

Bocking Theatre Club: Wilma Edwards as Robinson Crusoe in Robinson Crusoe
B.A.T.S: Lesley Mercer as Nancy in Oliver!
L.A.D.S: Lani Calvert as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors
Platform Musicals: Kerry Gullen as Jane in Salad Days
Platform Musicals: Jane Sheeran for her contributions in A Swell Party
Village Players (Nayland): Emma Wallis as Dick Turpin in Dick Turpin
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: Deborah Anderson as Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: Corrina Wilson as Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls

B.A.T.S: Oliver! directed by Val Eldridge
L.A.D.S: Little Shop of Horrors directed by Kris Rawlinson
L.A.D.S: Show Hits 2011 directed by Cathy Hallam
Platform Musicals: Salad Days directed by Andrew Hodgson* (not eligible for competition)
Platform Musicals: A Swell Party directed by Ian Amos
Westcliff Youth Theatre Group: Fiddler on the Roof directed by Chris Bareham
Witham Amateur Operatic Society: Godspell directed by Angie Brierly
Witham Operatic Workshop: Footloose directed by Nikki Mundell Poole

Bocking Theatre Club: Robinson Crusoe directed by Margaret Surrey
Bures Stage Society: Aladdin directed by Tim Bush
Little Waltham Drama Group: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves directed by Jenny Broadway and Karen Wray
K.A.T.S: Goldilocks and the Three Bears directed by Sarah Young
Orpen Players: Mother Goose directed by Peter Cox
Village Players (Nayland): Dick Turpin directed by Mary Moriarty

The following categories cover both the SHOWCASE and FULL-LENGTH PLAY festivals: TIMMENS AWARD FOR MUSIC:
Bentley Green Players: Fiona Bodmer for her musical direction and accompaniment in Oliver! B.A.T.S: Patience Ling for her musical direction and accompaniment in Oliver!
L.A.D.S: Kris Rawlinson for his musical direction in Show Hits 2011 and Little Shop of Horrors Little Waltham Drama Group: clever use of ABBA themed music in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Platform Musicals: the company for their singing in A Swell Party
Platform Musicals: David Mitchell and Malcolm Swan for their musical accompaniment in A Swell Party
Westcliff Youth Theatre Group: the band for their musical accompaniment in Fiddler on the Roof

Bardfield Players: Theft
Bures Stage Society: Aladdin
Coggeshall Amateur Theatrical Society: Mother Goose
L.A.D.S: Frost at Midnight
Seaview Players: Ten Times Table and The Three Musketeers
Village Players (Nayland): Dick Turpin
Witham Dramatic Club: The Time of my Life

THE MILLENNIUM WRITER’S AWARD: The recipient of this award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14th September.

Witham AOS Present...

Forever Michael at the Princes Theatre.

Clacton Carnival - Support Needed for Events.

Clacton Carnival week is nearly upon us and as with previous years, the Society will be supporting the events.

We are looking for Members to help and support at the following events:
  • Monday 13th August - Donkey Derby - Members needed in pairs to run Game Stalls. Free entry to event included.
  • Thursday 16th August - Fete & Fireworks - Members needed in pairs to run Game Stalls. Free entry to event included.
  • Saturday 18th August - Carnival Procession - Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 Members needed to marshal two roads: Harold Road & Trafalgar Road.
Please remember that the more support we give, the bigger the donation we get.
If you are interested in helping at any of the above events, please contact Sam McCarthy. Places will be given on a 'first come, first served' basis. Thanks.

Clacton Carnival - CMTS Procession Entry

Thank you to those Members who have been to the Carnival meetings so far.

We now have a plan of action of what our Float will look like and we will be starting to make it from Tuesday 31st July 2012, so any Member that can help please come along to the HQ.

All Members are welcome including the Youth Performers, but we would ask that they have a responsible adult with them. Thank you.

We will be there from the usual time of 7.30pm and we will be making and decorating every Tuesday and Thursday until the Procession, which is on Saturday 18th August 2012.

Therefore we have only a few evenings to make our Float look the best it can to advertise our next Production, 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

If you would like to just participate in the Procession, then come along to the HQ on any of the above evenings and we will sort you out a Costume. Thank You.

Friends of the West Cliff Concert - Clacton Gazette Newspaper Cutting 02.08.12

Clacton Gazette Letter 02.08.12

Clacton Gazette Letter 26.07.12

Clacton Gazette Letter 19.07.12


Carnival Meeting Tonight Cancelled.

Sorry but there will not be a Carnival meeting tonight.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday.