Information from CVS Tendring - New Proposals for Council Tax Support Consultation Event

New Proposals for Council Tax Support Consultation Event - Thursday 6 September, 11.00am

Do your organisation’s clients presently claim welfare benefits and/or council tax?

If so, they will be affected by the Welfare Reform Act. The government plans to end Council Tax benefit on 31 March 2013 and funding for Council Tax benefit in the Tendring District will fall by £1.5 million which will affect people on low incomes (Pensioners are protected)
With less money available, how can we ensure that support is maintained to those people who most need it?
Come along to a consultation and briefing about what Tendring District Council proposes to put in place and have the chance to feed into these proposals and exchange ideas with colleagues. The event will also stimulate discussion about what could be put in place ahead of the implementation date.
If you would like to book a place at this event and receive the agenda, contact