'Jack and the Beanstalk' Auditions Guidelines.

The Auditions tomorrow (Sunday 16th September) are Open, which means if you are a paid up Member you are able to watch them.

To ensure the Auditions run smoothly and in a open and fair way, the Management Committee would ask Members to abide by the following guidelines please, thank you.

Audition Guidelines:
  1. All Members wishing to audition must be a paid up Member for the current year.
  2. Members wishing to audition must complete an Audition Form.
  3. Members under 16 years old must have their Audition Form signed by their Parent or Guardian.
  4. Members of the Casting Committee can not audition for a Principle role.
  5. Auditionees have to complete a Dialogue, Singing and Movement/Dancing Audition as required by the part they are auditioning for.
  6. Members are required to learn their audition pieces off by heart.
  7. If you are auditioning for more than one Principle role, you may use the words but you must still learn at least one Characters audition piece.
  8. Costumes may not be worn.
  9. Members auditioning may use one Prop.
  10. Members will be notified of any restrictions for the Production. For example, minimum age of the Dancers, etc.
  11. Members are required at the point of audition to inform the Casting Committee of any restrictions they may have which could hinder their audition. For example, a Member is unable to complete a Movement piece due to a disability, etc.
  12. The Casting Committee are entrusted to find in an open and fair process, the right Members for each role, taking into consideration the standard of the audition and the Casting Committee's opinion of the Members suitability and ability to fulfil the role.
  13. The Casting Committee may look at a Members commitment for previous Productions and take this into consideration when casting.
  14. Members should bring to the Casting Committee's attention at the audition, any holidays or reasons for being absent from Rehearsals which could have a bearing on the Member being successful in being cast into the Production.
  15. Once cast, every Member in the Production is provisional for 30 days or to a point where the Production Team are satisfied that the right Member is in the right role.
  16. The Production Team in conjunction with the Management Committee reserve the right to remove any Member from the Production, who in their opinion is not playing the part to their full potential and having an adverse effect on the Production.
  17. Show Fees are due 30 days after your audition.
  18. Paid up Members are allowed to watch the auditions.
  19. Parents are not allowed to watch the auditions, unless they are a Member. Membership does include being a 'Friend' or 'Patron' of the Society.
  20. Members watching are asked not to applaud any auditions.
  21. Members are asked to be respectful of other Members auditioning and not to do anything that may distract or hinder someone else's audition.
  22. Members who are going for the same Principle role, maybe asked to leave the room.
  23. Once all the auditions are completed, the Casting Committee will discuss each Auditionee in detail and will take a vote on who should be cast in each role.
  24. Successful Auditionees for Principle roles will be contacted by the Chair of the Casting Committee.
  25. The Provisional Cast will be posted onto the Society's Blog, Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.