Past Show DVDs and Photos.

The following DVDs and Photos discs are now available to Members:
  • Pinocchio 2012 DVD
  • Pinocchio 2012 Photos
  • Rewind to the 80s Concert 2012 DVD
  • Bugsy Malone 2012 DVD
  • Bugsy Malone 2012 Photos
  • The Full Monty 2012 Photos
Please note that we ask for a donation to cover the costs of producing these discs. Therefore the DVDs are £6 and the Photos are £4.

The Concert DVD will only be for £3 as unfortunately the first 10 minutes of Act 2 was not recorded correctly due to a fault with the tapes.

If you would like to have any of the above, please complete the order form, which is on our Documents page of our website or on the Social Committee notice board, for each item you require and return to Sam McCarthy. Please can you pay when you order. Thank you.