Seussical the Musical - Provisional Cast List

Well done to all the people who auditioned today.

The cast are as follows:
*Cat in the Hat - Star Moore
*Horton the Elephant - Hermione Wood
*JoJo - Aaron Embleton
*Gertrude McFuzz - Ella Hern
*Mayzie La Bird - Shania Grace-Thompson
*Sour Kangaroo - Maddie Corbett
*Young Kangaroo - Mollie Barrett
*Mr. Mayor - Harry McCarthy
*Mrs. Mayor - Sam Williams
*General Genghis Khan Schmitz - Alex Corbett
*Yertle, the Turtle - Jack Flynn
*Vlad Vladikoff - Isobel Dullage
*The Grinch - Emily Adams
*Cindy Lou - Millie Stock
*Thing 1 - Nathan Peck
*Thing 2 - Robbie Peck
*Max, the Dog - Erin Illet
*The Bird Girls - Katie Finn, Athina Nicolau & Daisy O'Brien
*Wickersham Brothers - Leila Dutton, Adam Heyhoe, Pierson Mann & Tegan Nice

Chorus are as follows:
*Georgia Ayton
*Mia Barrett
*Emelia Dullage
*Amelia Kemp
*Kees Levine
*Abby Marriott
*Leila Martin
*Bea Parkin
*Millie Seaman
*Ellie Shears
*Ellie Watling.

The cast is provisional for 30 days.

The show fee is due 30 days from today; the fee is £10 for everyone.