Youth Performers involved in 'Anthems'

Youth Performers involved in Anthems - please make sure you are at the theatre by 10:30am - no later!
Please bring a packed lunch and a bottle of drink - free refills will be available from the green room.
Do not forget your costumes!!
See you tomorrow.

CMTS Lotto

Tuesday 26th February sees the return of something very exciting!!

The CMTS LOTTO shall be making a comeback at the first Sound of Music rehearsal.

If you feel lucky and think you could win HALF THE TAKINGS then ensure you don't miss buying a number/'s.

Number/'s can be purchased fro the Green Room!

CMTS Youth Performers taking part in 'ANTHEMS'


For the ‘Anthems’ Concert on this coming Sunday we would ask for your cooperation on a few things.

Please bring your Child to the Stage Door (church side) and hand over to a Chaperone at 10 a.m. Please check that we have your correct phone number for emergencies. Please tell us if someone else will be collecting your Child. You will be asked to sign for your Child when you collect them. This will be approximately 5 o’clock. Please collect from the same Stage Door and not the Pass Door from the Stage into the Auditorium. No Child will be allowed into the Auditorium to find their Parent.

Please could your Child bring with them a packed lunch as we are not sure what time we will have a break and they will NOT be allowed out of the Theatre under any circumstances. Could you also arrange for them to have a drink in a bottle with a non spill top to avoid accidents with Costumes. We will provide them free of charge a refill of juice from the Green Room whenever necessary. They will not be permitted to have cans of coke etc due to the risk of spillage.

Mobile phones will not be permitted to be used during the day except in emergencies. Photographs are not permitted to be taken in the dressing rooms as this is against our Child Protection Policy.  Under no circumstances are pictures of Children to be put on any social networking sites.

The Children may bring games or books with them to keep them occupied, but try and keep valuables to a minimum to avoid things getting lost or damaged.

Sorry it is such a list but we hope to make things to run as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your co-operation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of us or anyone on the Production Team.

Anthems Green Room

Anthems Green Room - Tabs have to be paid by Thursday 21st February. Thank you.

'Anthems' Concert: Review Performance Feedback.

Well done to everyone who was involved with the Concert Review earlier today.

Thank you also to the members of the Production Team, Casting Committee and Management Committee for giving and receiving honest and frank feedback. It isn't always easy to hear but it all helps us improve and be better in what we do!

You have all worked very hard and you should be proud of what you have all achieved; it's going to be a great Concert!

There were a couple of small issues that just need ironing out. Soloists have been contacted.

General feedback for everyone:
  1. Learn the words! It is so noticeable when people don't know the words.
  2. Keep good discipline when you are on stage. There were odd occasions when people were talking or laughing or mucking about. Have fun but have good self discipline when on stage please.
  3. Mic Discipline. Please remember many of you will have mics so please do not talk when you go on or off the stage into the wings or your Dressing Room.
Congratulations and well done again on a great Concert.

Anthems Concert: Costumes.

Please can the Cast of Anthems bring all their Costumes to the Rehearsal on Tuesday 19th February 2013 so the Wardrobe Team can check everyone has what is required. Thanks.

'Anthems' After Show Party

Please let me know by Friday 15th February if you wish to attend. Need to know numbers before we book. Thank you.

*UPDATE* Cast List for Seussical

The cast are as follows:
*Cat in the Hat - Star Moore
*Horton the Elephant - Hermione Wood
*JoJo - Aaron Embleton
*Gertrude McFuzz - Ella Hern
*Mayzie La Bird - Shania Grace-Thompson
*Sour Kangaroo - Maddie Corbett
*Young Kangaroo - Mollie Barrett
*Mr. Mayor - Harry McCarthy
*Mrs. Mayor - Sam Williams
*General Genghis Khan Schmitz - Alex Corbett
*Yertle, the Turtle - Jack Flynn
*Vlad Vladikoff - Isobel Dullage
*The Grinch - Emily Adams
*Cindy Lou - Millie Stock
*Thing 1 - Nathan Peck
*Thing 2 - Robbie Peck
*Max, the Dog - Erin Illet
*The Bird Girls - Katie Finn, Lola Garlick, Athina Nicolau & Daisy O'Brien
*Wickersham Brothers - Adam Heyhoe, Pierson Mann, Tegan Nice & Faye Roberts

Chorus are as follows:
*Georgia Ayton
*Mia Barrett
*Emelia Dullage
*Joe Illet
 *Amelia Kemp
*Kees Levine
*Abby Marriott
*Leila Martin
*Bea Parkin
*Millie Seaman
*Ellie Shears
*Ellie Watling.
The people with names in bold are the latest members of the cast :)

Rehearsals 07/02/2013

Due to an issue, rehearsals aren't starting until 8pm tonight. Sorry!

'Anthems' Concert Costume List.

Here is the Costume list for 'Anthems'.

Janet Ross is running Wardrobe for this Production.

If there is anything you can not provide then please speak to Janet or someone on the Production Team and they will help you.

  • Relight My Fire: Chorus - Orange, yellow or red Partywear. Can wear jeans but no black. Jazz, Character or black shoes.
  • Part of Your World: Gabrielle Tyler - Own dress.
  • I Dreamed a Dream: Sam Cantrell & Ali Garner - Dull dresses or rags.
  • Your Song: Jack Flynn - Own Partywear.
  • Singin' in the Rain: Tap Dancers - Black tights, Denim shorts, black shirt & coloured braces.
  • I Will Survive: Ladies Chorus - Glitzy outfit covered with a Dressing Gown. Black jazz shoes.
  • Rockin' Robin: Aaron Embleton - Own outfit.
  • Read All About It: Ashleigh Masters & Youth Performers - Ashleigh; own dress. Youth Performers; Partywear.
  • Celebration: Youth Performers - Partywear.
  • Man in the Mirror: Chorus - Ladies; black dress with white accessories. Gents; black shirt & trousers with a white tie.
  • Don't Stop Me Now: Chorus - leather, ripped jeans,leg warmers, etc. Think 'We Will Rock You'.
  • Crocodile Rock: Steve Church, Hector Moyes, Richard Taylor, Emily Aldis, Ali Garner & Angie Porter - Costumes TBC.
  • My Heart Will Go On: Tesha Giles - Own dress.
  • Don't Cry For Me Argentina: Ashlea Moore & Dancers - Ashlea; own dress. Dancers; Short sleeved black leotards. Skirts to be provided.
  • Stranger in the Night: Steve Church - own outfit.
  • Bring Me To Life: Emily Aldis & Dancers - Emily; Black dress. Dancers; Ladies - Long sleeved white shirt and black leggings. Gents - Long sleeved white shirt and black trousers.
  • Run To You: Katie Leech - TBC.
  • I Want To Break Free: Gents Chorus - TBC.
  • Skyfall: Dancers - skin coloured tights, black hotpants or trousers. Black T-Shirt. Long Sleeved White Shirt. Black Bowtie. Black Jazz Shoes.
  • Naughty: Katie Finn - School Uniform (White Shirt, Black Skirt or Trousers, Black Shoes. A Tie)
  • Revolting Children: Youth Performers - School Uniform as above.
  • Don't Stop Believing: Chorus - Jeans. Bright Coloured Top, any colour or style. Trainers or Converse or Vans or Doc Martins.