'Anthems' Concert: Review Performance Feedback.

Well done to everyone who was involved with the Concert Review earlier today.

Thank you also to the members of the Production Team, Casting Committee and Management Committee for giving and receiving honest and frank feedback. It isn't always easy to hear but it all helps us improve and be better in what we do!

You have all worked very hard and you should be proud of what you have all achieved; it's going to be a great Concert!

There were a couple of small issues that just need ironing out. Soloists have been contacted.

General feedback for everyone:
  1. Learn the words! It is so noticeable when people don't know the words.
  2. Keep good discipline when you are on stage. There were odd occasions when people were talking or laughing or mucking about. Have fun but have good self discipline when on stage please.
  3. Mic Discipline. Please remember many of you will have mics so please do not talk when you go on or off the stage into the wings or your Dressing Room.
Congratulations and well done again on a great Concert.