'The Sound of Music' Provisional Cast.

Congratulations and well done to everyone who auditioned today for TSoM.
You should all be very proud as the standard was very high.
The Casting Committee spent three and a quarter hours discussing your auditions and there was tough decisions to make.

The following is the Provisional Cast for 30 days. This means that if the Production Team, in consultation with the Management Committee, are not happy or feels that they may not have made the right choice, they may change the Casting. The Members of the Cast may also decide that they no longer want the part they have been given.
Parents of the successful Children (Under 16s) need to be aware that their Child maybe required to stay after 9pm on some Rehearsals due to the large Principle role their Child has. We will try and give Parents as much notice as possible.

TSoM Cast.
  • Maria - Tess Collitt
  • Berthe - Julie Collitt
  • Sophia - NOT CAST.
  • Margaretta - Janet Ross
  • Mother Abbess - Amanda Powell
  • Captain Von Trapp - Howard Stapleton
  • Franz - Charlie Vaughan
  • Frau Schmidt - Jean Murphie
  • Liesl - Jessica Hewett
  • Friedrich - Luke Corneloues
  • Louisa - Samantha Williams
  • Kurt - Alexander Corbett
  • Brigitta - Madeleine Corbett
  • Marta - Millie Stock
  • Gretl - Faith-Louise Garner
  • Rolf - Jake Collins
  • Elsa - Ashlea Moore
  • Max - Bill Davies
  • Herr Zeller - Neil Murphie
  • Von Schreiber - Steve Church
  • Baron Elberfeld (Non Speaking part) - Richard Taylor
  • Baroness Elberfeld (Non Speaking part) - Gwen Porter
  • Frau Zeller (Non Speaking part) - Jane Rayner
  • Chris Bareham
  • Samantha Cantrell
  • Wendy Orton
  • Angie Porter
  • Ali Garner
  • Kerry-Alice Hartnett
  • Rachael Johnson
  • Gwen Porter
  • Jane Rayner
  • Gabrielle Tyler
  • Jean Murphie
  • Ashlea Moore
Mens Chorus:
  • Trevor Collitt
  • Doug Garner
  • Lewis Richards
  • Steve Collitt
  • Sam McCarthy
  • Richard Taylor
Guests at Party:
  • Chris Bareham
  • Samantha Cantrell
  • Angie Porter
  • Ali Garner
  • Rachael Johnson
  • Gabrielle Tyler
  • Trevor Collitt
  • Lewis Richards
  • Doug Garner
  • Steve Collitt
We will be re auditioning on Thursday 21st March for two more Male Chorus that can be included in the Party Scene, so they need to be able to do the Movement audition.

Hector Moyes, Musical Director would like the Nuns Chorus to be in the following voice categories. If you have any queries, please speak to Hector at Tuesdays Rehearsal:
  1. Chris Bareham
  2. Wendy Orton
  3. Jean Murphie
Mezzo Soprano:
  1. Samantha Cantrell
  2. Angie Porter
  3. Gabrielle Tyler
2nd Soprano:
  1. Ali Garner
  2. Jane Rayner
  3. Ashlea Moore
  4. Julie Collitt
1st Soprano:
  1. Kerry-Alice Hartnett
  2. Rachael Johnson
  3. Gwen Porter
  4. Janet Ross