NODA Review for 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Clacton Musical Theatre Society

Jack & the Beanstalk. West Cliff Theatre, Clacton.

Saturday 29th December 2012, Matinee Performance. 

With a bright opening scene enhanced by lovely costumes, the audience sat back and were ready to be entertained.

The little band did themselves proud and percussion did an exceptionally good job at reacting to the action onstage.

Direction overall, I found to be lacking in many respects but the cast did what they could and pulled the piece off.

Very good performances were turned out by Jack (Lucy Harris) although her dialogue needed to be much slower; Grisly – my favourite character (Charlie Vaughan); Simple Simon (Pete Spilling) who did a grand job in getting the audience onside.

Singing was strong in most of the songs and I mention especially those which involved Mirander (Gabrielle Tyler) and the ensemble.

The obligatory pantomime cow did a sterling job and managed to show its dancing prowess.

Dancing was simple but the choreography was well constructed and played to the abilities of the cast.

The scenery was also simple but very effective and included some excellent backcloths.

Lighting too deserves special mention and the effects contributed significantly to the overall presentation.

In my opinion, the community song came too late and was very disorganised but with so many children wanting to participate, I guess the cast were somewhat overwhelmed! AND.... I still don’t know why the cow has only four legs!!! My grandchildren aged 3 and six loved it!


Eric Smart