CMTS Youth Performers 'Be Our Guest' Information

The next YPs Production is a variety Concert, 'Be Our Guest'.
This will be put on at Clacton Coastal Academy (Town) on Sunday 3rd November 2013, starting at 3pm.
The Audition process is as follows;
At the first Rehearsal an Audition Pack will be available at a cost of £1
Everyone has to Audition to participate in the Concert.
The MD will go through the Chorus/Dancer Audition piece, the Choreographers will set the Chorus Movement and the Dancers piece.
For Soloists, Duets, Trios and Group numbers, Members have to either choose a song from the published list or do one of their own as long as it fits with the Concert theme. They also have to practice their numbers at home and in their own time.
The Auditions are on Friday 6th September 2013. They are open Auditions which means paid up Members may watch.
After all the Auditions the Casting Committee discuss and decide who gets what. Sucessful Soloists, Duets, Trios and Groups will get a phone call from the Casting Committee Chair.
Chorus and Dancers will need to look at the Blog, after the given time, to see if they are in or not.