'Be Our Guest' Auditions Results

The Youth Performers Committee and Audition panel would like to congratulate everyone that auditioned yesterday. The standard was very high, so well done.

The Soloists, Trios and Group numbers are as follows:
  • 'Be Our Guest' from 'Beauty And The Beast' - Soloist in Chorus number - Kirsty Allen
  • 'Beauty And The Beast' - Soloist - Ella Hern
  • 'Happy Working Song' from 'Enchanted' - Soloist - Lola Garlick
  • 'Breaking Free' from 'High School Musical' - Duet - Katie Finn & Harry McCarthy
  • 'Part Of Your World' from 'The Little Mermaid' - Soloist - Bethan Powell
  • 'A Whole New World' from 'Aladdin' - Duet - Harry McCarthy & Hermione Wood
  • 'When Will My Life Begin' from 'Tangled' - Soloist - Star Moore
  • 'Reflection' from 'Mulan' - Soloist - Bethan Powell
  • 'Why Should I Worry' from 'Oliver and Company' - Trio - Alex Corbett, Pierson Mann & Nathan Peck
  • 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' from 'The Lion King' - Group - Maddie Corbett, Star Moore, Sam Williams & Hermione Wood
  • 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' from 'Hercules - Soloist - Katie Finn
  • 'Almost There' from 'The Princess And The Frog' - Soloist - Kirsty Allen
  • 'That's How You Know' from 'Enchanted - Soloist - Lola Garlick
  • 'A Spoonful Of Sugar' from 'Mary Poppins' - Soloist - Star Moore
  • 'Go The Distance' from 'Hercules' - Soloist - Harry McCarthy
  • 'You've Got A Friend In Me' from 'Toy Story' - Soloist - Hermione Wood
  • 'When Somebody Loved Me' from 'Toy Story - Soloist - Ella Hern
The following Members will be Dancers:
  • Kirsty Allen
  • Katie Finn
  • Lola Garlick
  • Ella Hern
  • Harry McCarthy
  • Star Moore
  • Bethan Powell
  • Millie Stock
  • Hermione Wood
And the Dancers' numbers are:
  • 'Zero To Hero' from 'Hercules'
  • And another TBC
The following Members will be the Chorus:
  • Kacey Allen
  • Alex Corbett
  • Maddie Corbett
  • Erin Ilett
  • Joe Ilett
  • Pierson Mann
  • Nathan Peck
  • Robbie Peck
  • Sam Williams
And the Chorus numbers (which will include everyone) are:
  • 'Be Our Guest' from 'Beauty And The Beast'
  • 'Get Your Head In The Game' from 'High School Musical' (Just the boys!)
  • 'Circle Of Life' from 'The Lion King'
  • 'On My Way' from 'Brother Bear'
  • 'Best Of Both Worlds' from 'Hannah Montanna' (Just the girls!)
  • 'Camprock' megamix