'Oliver!' Audition Results

'Oliver!' Audition Results
Well done and thank you to everyone who Auditioned today for 'Oliver!'. The Casting Committee were very impressed with the high standard they saw. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Please note this is a Provisional cast for 30 days. After this time the Casting Committee, together with the Production Team and the Management Committee, will discuss any issues that have arisen.

Cast List
Oliver - Megan Hartrop
Fagin - Shania-Grace Thompson
Dodger - Harry McCarthy
Bill Sikes - Alex Corbett
Nancy - Lacey Stoneham
Bet - Ella Hern
Mr. Bumble - Madeleine Corbett
Mrs. Corney - Lola Garlick
Mr. Brownlow - Noah Harris
Mr. Sowerberry - Marcus Russell
Mrs. Sowerberry - Katie Finn
Charlotte - Samantha Williams
Noah Claypole - Luke Corneloues
Dr. Grimwig - Mollie Barrett
Mrs. Bedwin - Paige Clarke

Fagin's Gang
Grace Hartrop
Adam Hayhoe
Erin Illet
Pierson Mann
Nathan Peck
Robbie Peck
Hermione Wood

Kirsty Allen
Mia Barrett
Madeleine Corbett
Luke Corneloues 
Katie Finn
Ella Hern
Bethan Powell
Alice Smith
Samantha Williams

Kacey Allen
Mollie Barrett
Paige Clarke
Noah Harris
Joe Illet
Marcus Russell
Jack Temple
Emily-May Webb
Ruby White
Maisie Willis