Opportunity to be in "Macbeth" at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester.

Hello. My name is Darryl Crawley and I have been approached by Daniel Buckroyd about ensemble casting for the Mercury Theatre's upcoming production of Macbeth and I thought it might be of interest to your membership.
I have attached some information below. If people are interested, they can contact me on the details below.
I'm sure you can appreciate this is a great opportunity to get involved with the Mercury Theatre and there is already a lot of interest so if people can let me know ASAP that would be great.
In terms of Macbeth, as I said I'm looking to put together a small community ensemble (up to 8 people) to work on this project - playing a range of small parts and contributing to the big visual sequences - Macbeth's Scotland is a pretty male-dominated world as you can imagine but we can definitely work with a mix of men/women, and I think we're mostly looking for performers in the 20s-40s age range - there won't be much in the way of text for people to get their teeth into but I think it should be a fascinating process, particularly working with our movement Director on the big set-pieces.
The commitment is to some rehearsal throughout September - mostly weekday evenings / possibly some weekend sessions - ideally one or two afternoon sessions during tech/dress rehearsals w/c 29th Sept - and then performances 2nd to 18th Oct (Mon-Sat evenings, plus matinees on Sats and Thurs 9th & 16th).
If we do recruit an ensemble of 7/8 performers then we should be able to accommodate some pre-planned absences, so hopefully, although it will obviously be a BIG commitment for anyone taking part, we can work round 'real life' a bit.

Darryl Crawley