'Sweet Charity' Audience Feedback

"Sylvie and I came to see the above last night and we want to send our congratulations to you, the production team, and the cast. It was a most entertaining show. The Clacton public do not realise what they are missing. The staging was an absolute triumph, especially the lift scene. I thought the new MD did extremely well, and the choreography was excellent. The star of the show was undoubtedly Charity herself, but we liked all the other main characters; Neil, Charlie, Steve, and Amanda and Ashley. I loved the duet between Nickie and Helene, and I loved 'I Love to Cry at Weddings.' Neil did so well, how did he get up so high? Charlie was excellent as Oscar, I played the same part in 1993 in Broxbourne, so I enjoyed his performance. I would also mention the young man who played Vidal. When we saw him at rehearsals we thought he was a bit young for the part, but he mastered the role completely. Congratulations all round.
                                                                                                        best wishes, Sylvie and Bill"