Plea from Clacton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Their next Production is 'Season's Greetings' a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn. They are looking for some more men. If interested please contact Charlotte Root via Facebook. Thanks.

CMTS Social Activities Questionnaire

CMTS Social Activities Questionnaire


The Social Committee would like to organise more social events for CMTS, but the response from the group in the past has not always been great. 

So we thought we would ask YOU which sort of activities you would like to go to.

If you could please tick all activities you would be interested in or add your ideas in the OTHER section and return to Sam McCarthy it would help us find the right activities for everyone to enjoy.

Amanda Powell (Social Chairman)


Musicals in the West End
Non- Musical Theatre in the West End
Local Amateur Group Musical’s
Local Amateur Non-Musical Theatre
Parties (e.g. Disco’s, Themed Seasonal Parties)
Board Game’s Night
Barn Dance
Line Dancing
Murder Mystery Dinner
Beetle Drive
Karaoke Night
Film Night
Food Night (e.g. eat once a month at different local restaurants)
Adult Tap Classes
Adult Movement/Keep Fit Classes
Adult Musical Theatre Singing & Movement Classes
(learning songs and choreography from different Musical Theatre eras and genres, just for fun)

North Essex Theatre Guild (NETG) Adjudication for 'Sweet Charity'.

North Essex Theatre Guild




Clacton Musical Theatre Society
West Cliff Theatre
Date of Adj.
26th June 2014
Sweet Charity
David Thompson
Adjudicated by
Sara Green
Accompanied by
Ian Amos



Sweet Charity was not previously known to me and so it was with  no preconception that I watched the show. My companion, however, knew the show well, as his comments prove. The show was first performed in the 1960’s and the group maintained a good grasp of the period.


Front of House / Publicity

As always, the foyer was very well staffed. The standard of “welcomes” and “goodbyes” from the volunteer staff at the West Cliff is exemplary. They are always smart, smiling and helpful. The programme was colourful and interesting.

Set Construction / Set Painting

The main set was impressive, with its two staircases. The bedroom set looked good, except for the rather wobbly wardrobe and at the lake the reeds which denoted the waterside looked rather basic compared to the rest of the scene. We liked the Pompeii Club set and the Hostess room of the fandango ballroom, while the barre in the ballroom itself provided just the right note for the “Big Spender” number. The elevator was also very neat – a delightful creation!

Stage Management

There were a lot of changes and these were handled quickly and efficiently. These were particularly impressive as I believe there is very little wing space at the theatre.

Lighting Design and Operation

The lights were mostly very effective. They were part of the set design with changing coloured strings of lights, red uplighters, forward facing spots. Lots of spots caught in smoke for “The Rhythm of Life”. Only the lighting of the rear black tabs was rather dull, making them flat and grey. The follow spot was perhaps a little over bright for our taste but we liked the transitions from stage to song/spot lighting which mostly had a nice flow to it.

Music and Sound

The sound from the band was a delight. Full of energy, tempos kept well on the move. There was a veritable panoply of sound from what was only a 4 piece band. Good use of syth padding. Some of the scene changes were long and particularly in the earlier ones the vamp-until-ready joining sequences were very repetitive, rather like a record getting stuck, and needed some variety


The miked sound was on the whole good. However for some singers there was a lack of clarity of words - and whether this was due to too much reverb, the actual mike, or the speakers, it is hard to know.

Also – even though a lot of chorus seemed to wearing radios mics there were numbers where they were far too quiet (The Rhythm of Life) and in  the Coney Island number they could not be heard at all.



On the whole really good – well within capabilities of the performers, with nice variations between the performers. In “Big Spender” the different gestures in time with each other were very effective, and the use of the barre was exciting. The number in the Pompeii Club can often outstay its welcome – but here the dancers were crisp and stylish and slightly strange. I usually have to write, “Smile, smile, smile” when dancing, but here the po-faced expressions worked a charm! Rachael Johnson had also not overly copied the film – which can be a problem in productions Ian has seen – happy to take the essence and then do her own thing.


We were ambivalent about Charity’s dances. Obviously a very good dancer, she moved beautifully but we didn’t feel her numbers displayed the vulnerable quality of her character.



Overall we liked the costumes very much. There was a definite 1960’s feel about them. The Pompeii Club, with its strong black and white theme, was particularly effective and the dancers’ costumes were fascinating. There was a good distinction between the Fandango girls and the general public. We saw some nice touches there. And in the “Rhythm of Life” number, everyone let their hair down and the costumes were an entertainment in themselves. We did think, however, that Charity’s hair and costume was out of keeping with the character and the period. Neither the black dress nor the floral number seemed quite right. The men’s costumes worked well, especially Vittorio’s  and Daddy Brubeck’s flamboyant outfits.


Good choice of props – nothing jarred.


Charity – Samantha Slim

Here was very strong, confident performance showing a lot of talent. With good diction and relaxed stage presence. We missed the vulnerability of a woman who had taken too many knocks in her life, but was still na├»ve enough to believe that she could find happiness. However, her interaction with Oscar was well handled and her rendition of “Where am I going?” hit the right note dramatically.


Nickie – Amanda Powell

What a great performance! Good acting, lovely singing and sassy dancing. She led the “Hey Big Spender” with verve and energy and her duet with Helene in “Baby Dream Your Dream” was particularly good.


Oscar – Charlie Vaughan

This was another really good performance. Full of phobias he was a delight and we all felt his claustrophobia with him in the elevator. Dramatically Act 2 really came alive because of his acting and his interest in Charity. Not a bad singing voice either


Helene – Ashlea Moore

She had good attack and lots of energy. When duetting with Nickie or in the trio with her and Charity, her voice blended nicely . She “got” the 1960’s stance as well.


Vidal - James Clark

He looked and played the part of the movie star with assurance and his accent was good, although not always clear. He handled business well, passing the beer to Charity with ease.


Ursula - Laura Bradd

Looking every inch the spoilt girlfriend, she succeeded in convincing us that Vidal’s life would not be easy. With good stage presence she flounced magnificently and whined effortlessly.


Herman - Neil Murphie

As the owner of Fandango Ballroom, Neil’s Herman was a rather loveable sleazy boss, with a touch of the mother hen about him as he scolded the hostesses to get back to work.


Daddy Brubeck – Steve Church

We couldn’t always hear what he was singing, probably because of his high up, far back positioning on the stage, but he looked so good and moved so well that it almost didn’t matter.



The chorus worked hard and well throughout the show. There was a lot of good interaction and appealing tableaux. Each member of the chorus was individual which made the scenes much more interesting to watch.



Helped enormously by sympathetic choreography, the hostesses were raunchy, and engaging. Their “Hey Big Spender” number was a highlight of the show.

It combined sleaze and sloth and disdain all captured in small movements, and it was well sung



As already mentioned, we were impressed by the dancers’ demeanour in the “Rich Man’s Frug” number and the completely different style in the “Rhythm of Life”.


The blocking and movement of the big scenes was very well handled, although we couldn’t always hear the dialogue in the lake scene and scenes often lacked a rise and punchline to end them. But in the main the direction was tight and well controlled.

The scene signs were a good idea and were funny and informative, but they did slow down the scene changes and looked rather home-made - a pity they weren’t of the same quality as the programme.

Overall this was a show where lights, music,,costume and movement had been brought together by the director to create a stylish creation with a nice kick of attitude.



There was plenty to enjoy in this show and on the night we went the audience certainly appreciated it. It was a feast for the eyes and ears. Thank you.


Sara Green, 7th July 2014

CMTS HQ Annual Clean-Up

Its that time of year again!!!

I can hear the groans!! LOL!!

For those of you who don't know, we give the whole HQ a deep clean ready for when the Panto Rehearsals start.

The fun is on Tuesday 26th August 2014 from 7.30pm.

Hope to see you there, more hands make light work!!

Bring your rubber gloves!!

'Babes in the Wood' Production Team

The Management Committee are pleased to announce the Production Team for 'Babes in the Wood';

  • Director - Sam McCarthy
  • Choreographer - Rachael Johnson
  • Musical Director - Julia Clarke

'Babes in the Woods' 2015 Audition Information

'Musical Mayhem' Rehearsal Cancelled

This coming Sundays Rehearsal for the CMTS Youth Performers upcoming Concert 'Musical Mayhem' has been cancelled.

It will be rescheduled, keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details.


Request from Mad about Theatre Company...

We are casting for our Christmas show on 13th December at Clacton County High, we are looking for a male actor who can sing aged between 30 years and 50 years old.

If anyone would like to join us, we would be very grateful.

Rehearsals start September and I can send on a schedule. My email address is

Thanks. Indi

Some sad news...

Peter Hazell, one of our Members, has sadly passed away.

The Funeral is tomorrow, Friday 15th August 2014, at Weeley Crematorium at 11am.

The Society has sent some flowers and will also make a donation to the family's chosen charity, if desired.

Our thoughts are with Peter's family at this difficult time.