Channel 4 is looking for people.......

Channel 4 is looking for people who are working two jobs or more.

Are you feeling the pain of the credit crunch?

Are you or is someone close to you juggling several jobs to boost their income, sacrificing rest & relaxation for extra cash?

Production company Boundless (makers of The Apprentice and Grand Designs) is developing a series for Channel 4 about the lives of the nation’s hard grafters.

An increasing number of Brits are working harder than ever to save money for the things that mean the most to them, whether it’s their daughter’s prom dress, a first family holiday or a deposit on a house.

We are looking for people for whom, juggling several jobs and saving hard, helps bring about the experiences or belongings they yearn for, either for themselves or for someone close.

We are looking for people with multiple jobs who would like to share their stories with us.

All conversations will be confidential, and there’s no obligation to be filmed.

Please email or call 0207 691 5073. Thank you.