Parents of 'The Wizard of Oz' Cast

Parents of 'The Wizard of Oz' Cast:

Just to give you an update. We are in the process of trying to sort a venue as the CCA prices have gone up to £60 per hour to hire the hall and two classrooms. This is far too expensive and we can not afford to make a loss as that will be the end of the Youth Performers. The matter is in hand. You will be kept updated via here or a letter. Thanks.

'Little Shop of Horrors' 2015 Rehearsal Schedule Changes

There has been and there will be changes to the Rehearsal Schedule for 'LSoHs'.
The changes will be posted on here and onto our Facebook pages.
Alternatively an updated version can be emailed to you.
Please send Sam McCarthy an email to

CMTS Youth Performers 'The Wizard of Oz' Provisional Casting

·         Dorothy - Megan Hartrop

·        Aunt Em - Katie Finn

·         Glinda the Good Witch - Poppy Kent

·         Uncle Henry – Adam Hayhoe

·         Hunk / Scarecrow - Harry McCarthy

·         Hickory / Tinman - Luke Grint

·         Zeke / Lion - Lola Garlick

·         Miss Gultch – Kirsty Allen

·         The Wicked Witch - Shania Thompson

·         Professor Marvel / Wizard of Oz - Alex Cook

·         Munchkin Mayor – Pierson Mann

·         Coroner – Nathan Peck

·         Barrister – Farran Leek

·         City Fathers – Darcy Brown, Georgia Powell & Maisie Willis

·         The Lullaby League – Grace Hartrop, Madeleine Hyde & Edie Saunders.

·         The Lollipop Guild – Mollie Barrett, Paige Clarke & Erin Ilett

·         Jitterbug Lead Dancer – Shania Thompson

·         Trees – Kirsty Allen, Katie Finn & Sam Williams

·         Emerald City Guards – Nathan Peck & Robbie Peck

·         Crows – Brooke Brading, Alex Cook & Adam Hayhoe

·         Winkie General – Farran Leeks

·         Nikko (Commander of the flying monkeys) – Paige Clarke

·         Chorus

o   Scarlett Allen

o   Mollie Barrett

o   Micaela Clarke

o   Paige Clarke

o   Ellie Cornish

o   Jessica Cunningham

o   Kirra Gregory

o   Grace Hartrop

o   Madeleine Hyde

o   Erin Ilett

o   Farran Leeks

o   Robbie Peck

o   Georgia Powell

o   Edie Saunders

o   Alice Smith

o   Ben Smith

o   Emily-May Webb

·         Dancer

o   Kirsty Allen

o   Mia Barrett

o   Brooke Brading

o   Darcy Brown

o   Alex Cook

o   Katie Finn

o   Adam Hayhoe

o   Pierson Mann

o   Nathan Peck

o   Alice Smith

Samantha William

Maisie Willis

Updated 'LSoHs' Rehearsal Scehdule

There is an updated Rehearsal schedule on our Facebook pages for 'LSoHs'.

We are now on version 4.

Essex Police Musical Society presents 'Anything Goes'

Essex Police Musical Society presents 'Anything Goes'
14th to 18th April 2015
Essex Police HQ
Assembly Hall
By phone: 07867 851355

'Little Shop of Horrors' 2015 Provisional Casting

Congratulations to everyone that auditioned today.

Please remember the casting is Provisional for 30 days.

Also the Show Fee (£20 Adult, £10 Student) is also now due in 30 days.

  • Seymour - Drew Welham
  • Audrey - Angie Porter
  • Mr Mushnik - Charlie Vaughan
  • Audrey 2 - Steve Church
  • Crystal - Katie Barnett
  • Ronnette - Sam Slim
  • Chiffon - Jessica Hewett
  • Orin - Peter Norfolk
  • Mr Bernstein - Will Smith-Daye
  • Mrs Luce - Jane Rayner
  • Skip Snip - Keith Peck
  • Patrick Martin - Richard Taylor
  • Chris Bareham
  • Kerry Brooks
  • Steve Church
  • Nicola Heap (Dancer)
  • Rachael Johnson (Dancer)
  • Ashlea Moore (Dancer)
  • Peter Norfolk
  • Keith Peck
  • Katie Picken
  • Gwen Porter
  • Jane Rayner
  • Janet Ross (Non-Mover)
  • Will Smith-Daye
  • Richard Taylor
  • Gabrielle Tyler (Dancer)

NODA East Award Nominations for 2014

The Management Committee are very pleased to announce that we have been nominated for an award.

Harry McCarthy has been nominated for the 'Best Young Performer' Award for 'The Artful Dodger' in the CMTS Youth Performers Production of 'Oliver!' in April 2014.

Congratulations to Harry!!

Saxons Play Reading Tuesday 13th January 2015

The Saxon Theatre Group are looking for some people to participate in a play reading booked for this coming Tuesday, 13th January, at 7.30pm at St George's Hall in Hall Lane, Walton.

The play is 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime', a light comedy based on a story by Oscar Wilde.

There are 10 characters of various ages, five male and five female.

Some parts are quite small but there are two sizeable (male) parts; the eponymous Arthur and his butler, Baines.

It would be great to see you and to have your support for the latest Saxon venture.