Notice of the CMTS' Annual General Meeting

**Notice of CMTS' Annual General Meeting** 

Sunday 11th October 2015 

 CMTS Headquarters, 14 Brunel Road. Clacton-on-sea. 

 2pm start. 

 The Annual General Meeting shall be held for the following purposes:

-To adopt the Standing Orders for the conduct of that meeting.

-To adopt Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting. 

-To adopt the Chairman’s Report.

-To adopt the Secretary’s Report.

-To adopt the Treasurer’s Report and audited accounts.

-To elect a President -To elect Officers: Chairman.  Secretary.  Treasurer.

-To elect no less than five and no more than seven Members to the Management Committee, to the following positions: Membership Secretary.  Press and Publicity Committee Chairman.  Stage Liaison Manager.  Social Committee Chairman.  Fundraising Committee Chairman.  CMTS Youth Performers Committee Chairman.

-To consider any propositions submitted by Members.

-Any Other Business.

 **Members will be getting their AGM pack soon**