‘9 to 5’ 2016 Provisional Casting.

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned today.

The Casting Committee had some tough decisions to make.

Please do not be too disappointed if you did not get the part you wanted.

If you went for a Principal role and want feedback on why you were not successful, please contact Sam McCarthy, Production Chair.

It takes a team effort to put on our Productions and whichever part of that team you are, you are just as important as the next person.

There are three male roles you will see below that we have not cast plus we are looking for more men to join the Chorus.

If anyone is interested in auditioning, they can come along Tuesday to learn the audition pieces and then audition on Thursday.

We are not looking for anymore female Chorus or Dancers.



DORALEE RHODES – Cassie Weston

JUDY BERNLY – Jennifer Richardson

FRANKLIN HART JR – Peter Norfolk.

ROZ KEITH – Sharon Giles

JOE – Simon Hipkin.


JOSH – Luke Corneloues.

MISSY – Angie Porter

MARIA  - Emily Aldis              

DICK – Steve Salmon

KATHY  - Ashlea Moore

MARGARET  - Charley Lashmore



POLICEWOMEN – Vicki Huxster & Samantha Ransley

DOCTOR  - Rachael Welham      

CANDY STRIPER – Katie Barnett

NEW EMPLOYEE  – Gwen Porter

SECURITY GUARD – Richard Taylor

DEAD BODY – Graeme Wilson


1. Emily Aldis
2. Katie Barnett
3. Luke Corneloues (Junior)
4. Katie Finn (Junior)
5. Nikki Heap
6. Jessica Hewett
7. Simon Hipkin
8. Annie-May Kitchener (Junior)
9. Angie Porter
10. Gabrielle Tyler
11. Rachael Welham


1. Jerome Adams-Hall
2. Emily Aldis
3. Katie Barnett
4. Kerry Brooks
5. Luke Corneloues
6. Shannon Harrison
7. Nikki Heap
8. Jessica Hewett
9. Simon Hipkin
10. Victoria Huxster
11. Charley Lashmore
12. Harry McCarthy
13. Ashlea Moore
14. Katie Picken
15. Angie Porter
16. Gwen Porter (Non-Mover)
17. Samantha Ransley
18. Jane Rayner (Non-Mover)
19. Steve Salmon
20. Richard Taylor (Non-Mover)
21. Gabrielle Tyler
22. Rachael Welham
23. Maisie Willis
24. Graeme Wilson (Non-Mover)

See everyone on Tuesday for a Read-through.

'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' 2016: Provisional Cast

Well done to everyone who auditioned today.

It was, as always, a very hard decision.

We had 13 'Lucy' auditions!

Thank you to the adults that helped us today; Gabrielle Tyler Kerri McCarthy Heidi Nice Samantha Church Keith Peck Kieran Leeks.

The Provisional Cast is as follows:
Peter: Harry McCarthy
Susan: Olivia Roberts
Edmund: Pierson Mann
Lucy: Edie Saunders...
Professor Kirk: Alex Cook
Mrs. Macready: Poppy Kent
Aslan: Emma Georgeson & Teegan Deeks
The White Witch: Shania Thompson
Mr. Beaver: Grace Hartrop
Mrs. Beaver: Ellie Greenham
Mr. Tumnus: Samantha Williams
Maugrim: Farran Leeks
A Robin (A solo dancer): Maisie Willis

• Dancers:
Brooke Brading
Alex Cook
Teegan Deeks
Emma Georgeson
Poppy Kent
Farran Leeks
Nathan Peck
Alice Smith
Samantha Williams
Maisie Willis

• Chorus:
Scarlett Allen
Charlotte Bilby
Brooke Brading
Kizzy-Mae Brett
Skye Brooker
Alex Cook
Abigail Cooper-Peck
Ellie Cornish
Jessica Cunningham
Teegan Deeks
Emma Georgeson
Sammie Gibbard
Kirra Gregory
Madeleine Hyde
Poppy Kent
Olivia Lake
Farran Leeks
Tabitha Mann
Nathan Peck
Robbie Peck
Felicity Ransley
Mia Slim
Alice Smith
Ben Smith
Isabelle Stray
Anais-Rose Thompson
Samantha Williams
Maisie Willis
Rachael Woollard

Scripts will be available on Friday for £5.00 each.

Everyone will be needed from 6 to 9pm please, thanks.